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So you need to have an iPhone repair. No matter what, this situation makes you feel distraught, upset, and angry and it is definitely frustrating. In spite of how new they are the iPhone 4 will break and will need iPhone 4 repairs.

Here are a few things that have been known to need to be repaired on the iPhone4:

The glass will still break.
The back glass is more likely to break due to the fact that it is more fragile than the previous 3G/3Gs back housing that was made of plastic.
There are some problems with the antenna that are easily fixed by holding the iPhone 4 the proper way.
People still drop them in the water.
There is no such thing as a water proof iPhone 4.

There are a couple options when it comes to getting an iPhone repair.

Apple Repair: If you turn your iPhone 4 in maybe Apple will give you a new one. However, this is very unlikely to happen and it is more likely that that will ask you to buy a new one which will cost you somewhere in the range of $599.

Third Party Repair: There are many iPhone 4 repair options and all have numerous pricing options. To get an iPhone repair will cost you somewhere between $69 and $199. However, in spite of these repair costs, you will be saving money. If you decide to have a third party do your iPhone repair dont forget that the lowest cost doesnt always mean the best service. If youre look for inexpensive repair costs you can be sure to get inexpensive repair parts. You need to ensure that all the parts used for the iPhone repair are original. Otherwise youll risk the failure of that part within a short time period and lose that smooth, accurate touch as you scan through your applications. This can, and does happen, all too often.

Other Options: If you put an inexpensive glass on an iPhone 4, it is like putting used tires on a new expensive sports car. Just as sure as have to replace those tires within a short time period, youll have to replace that glass again. Therefore, you should only have a professional organization do your iPhone 4 repair. In the long run it will not only save you money but will also help to ensure years of trouble free service from your iPhone 4. Many of these professional companies who do iPhone 4 repairs also offer same day service.

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