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you can now unlock 3g i-phones using third party solutions

One of the most difficult subjects of discussion today is how to unlock iphone 3G. There have been rumors that it can be unlocked once your Sim card gets locked. But that not true. There are several top companies in the US and UK who offer unlock 3g iphone solutions over the internet using which you can easily unlock your Sim card. Normally the Sim card gets locked when your phone is accidently dropped or damaged. In such a scenario, your 3G iphone will become completely inaccessible. But thanks to technology, now you will be able to unlock your Sim card and retrieve all data and also use your iphone.

Over the years, the popularity of iphone has increased because it offers numerous useful features built in the phone itself. The iphone 3G is considered to be a state of the art smartphone enabled with multimedia options. It has a colorful multi-touch screen and this is what makes the phone really popular. Some of advanced features of the 3G iphone include text messaging as well as visual voicemail. It is also enabled with a portable media player, camera phone, web browsing, and email facility. The first generation of iphones had Quad band GSM with EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) while the second generation or the iphone 3G has UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) with HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access). This enables higher speed and capacity of data transfer.

The iphone 3G is sold with a Sim card that can be locked. But there are times when the sim card gets locked by mistake or even due to minor physical damages on the phone. If something like this happens to your phone and if your Sim card gets locked then how will you unlock 3g iphone? There is absolutely no reason to take stress because now there are top of the line solutions and software available that can help you to unlock iphone 3g in no time. Of course there are hundreds of companies over the internet who proclaims that they can unlock your iphone within minutes but then all of them are not reputable. If you are thinking of downloading such software from the internet then you need to double check and find as many reviews as possible about the product. You need to also find out whether the company or website is offering 24×7 technical assistance and money back guarantee.

The important aspect of all these unlock 3g iphone solutions is that they come for a price. If you are ready to pay the price then you should get value for money. There are several websites who offer unlock iphone 3g solutions as well as after sales service, any kind of technical assistance, and future updates. These are the websites that you should take membership of or download the solution from. Some websites also offer lifetime support for anything between $40-$50 one-time fees. The most important thing to remember is that it is better to pay more and be at peace than to download free software and damage the Sim card.

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