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windows 7 mango no match for the iphone 4 white and ios5

This summer has seen the announcement of several changes to most of the operating systems currently present in the mobile phone marketplace. The best known of all of these is Apple iOS which is used on their iPhone handsets. The latest version of this platform is iOS5 which will be available for existing phones such as the White iPhone 4 in coming months. The newest operating system available is Windows 7 and over the past year we have seen a number of handsets released that operate on this exciting new platform. Microsoft have unveiled Windows 7 Mango, the very latest update to this OS which all Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade to. So how do the big names of Apple and Microsoft measure up in this battle of the operating systems?

Unlike Android which offers animated icons and overlays on its homescreen the interfaces on Mango and iOS5 are relatively static. There is limited customisation you can perform on the Windows homescreen with a selection of additional tiles that may be added. The one downside to the Apple interface is that there are no live feeds linked to your homescreen so whilst you are presented with status updates and news headlines on the Windows phone the White iPhone 4 homescreen displays just a grid of applications. Having said that however the options of what you can add to this grid are pretty much limitless. Another area where this update sees an improvement from Apple is the notifications system. A downward swipe on the screen now unveils a notifications centre which lists all notices in one place rather than relying upon you noticing the alert that previously appeared besides the program icon. This is a big improvement from Apple but in general the user interface that Microsoft presents us with is more packed with information and easier to navigate.

Social Networking is an area that both of these platforms have focused heavily upon. Users of the White iPhone 4 will soon be able to benefit from new Twitter integration embedded in the OS. This new facility enables users to tweet directly from the browser or the photo appliction as well as from Youtube and the maps facility. This is a vast improvement over needing to log into a separate Twitter client in order to perform such tasks. Mango does offer some improved Twitter features so the site can now be directly linked to the People Hub and present you with real time updates on your homescreen however the platform still has some way to go to match Apples advancements in this area. The lock screens on both of these platforms have been revamped but once again its Apples efforts that come out on top thanks to new instant camera access from the lock screen as well as access directly to your notifications centre.

Both of these platform updates are indeed impressive but the Apple system seems to have undergone more of a change. Owner of handsets such as the HTC 7 Mozart will love what Mango offers them but iPhone 3GS and White iPhone 4 owners will benefit more from the massive changes Apple have made.

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