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will my turbo sim work on my iphone 3g 3.0 04.22.01

Apple is originating by helping cover their an update for the apple iphone 3G. Everyone knows it’s been arriving for some time the Three.0 version. The real question on top associated with peoples’ thoughts especially for those who unlocked their own iPhone 3G is “Will my turbo SIM function when the new update (which is the version Three.0 Modem Firmware ’04.Twenty two.01) comes out?”

That’s a great query. The initial question you should ask yourself is whether the turbo SIM you are currently utilizing prrr-rrrglable or non-programmable. The benefit of the programmable one is you can actually update the actual firmware that’s in it.

There are a number of various turbo Sim cards on the market today and most of them that you will be buying are non branded that can not be up-to-date or designed in the future. What does that mean for you? That means you can think of your own non-branded Simulator like a throw away 1. Yes, a person heard me correct! Which does mean that it will just work for up to among the iPhone Apple updates. Which means, this will probably work on version 5.Two.1 with the Firmware 2.30.Goal Modem Firmware although not with the Three.0 version along with Modem Firmware 04.Twenty two.01.

You may be wondering the reason why it won’t actually simply work after you improve your iPhone 3rd generation towards the 3.0. The thing is Apple modifications numerous little issues within the code whether it’s the actual baseband code and also the operating system so when they do that, the turbo Simulator businesses need to reprogram the actual firmware which is within the nick from the SIM. So if you don’t have a turbo SIM that may be reprogrammed to suit the brand new operating system and baseband from the 3.Zero update with the Modem Firmware ‘04.22.01, it will just not work; therefore, it’s throw away.

Pay attention before you change your apple iphone to the 3.0 version with the Device Firmware ‘04.22.01. Find out if your own turbo Simulator is prepared for the update. Ensure that you have a prrr-rrrglable turbo Simulator that can be up-to-date to support the 3.Zero update, and on top of that you’ll want to have a USB turbo Simulator programmer.
Usually, in order to improve your Simulator for that Three.0 update along with Modem Firmware ‘04.22.01, you will have to obtain the new motorists for this soon in the maker’s site. Then, place this inside the Universal serial bus programmer. It ought to be as easy as the mouse click and Thirty seconds later on, your Simulator ought to be updated to your iPhone 3rd generation 3.0 with Firmware ’04.Twenty two.01.

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