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what you should know about trane heat pumps

HVAC isn’t new to Trane. James Trane opened his first business more than 120 years ago in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Many countries around the world have homes equipped with a Trane. Trane heat pumps offer the convenience of heating and air conditioning in a single unit.

A heat pump is a unit that offers heating during the cold months and air conditioning in the hot months. One unit does what used-to require separate heating and AC units. Trane offers four types of efficient pumps. Standard, high, super and ultra efficiency.

XB13 and XB14 are the two standard units Trane offers. A tax credit from your government is available when purchasing the XB14. Trane constructs a durable machine that operates economically and efficiently. The name-brand “CleanEffects” is an option that can be added. “CleanEffects” filters-out all the nasty particles that cause allergies and illness.

Warranties and certain specifications are important when comparing anything. Heat pumps are no different. The two Trane standard efficiency models have a heat efficiency rating – HSPF – approaching 8.5. Running quite quietly they each have a measured sound specification of 78. The ten year warranty for the compressor and the coil and mechanical parts warranty for 5 years offers peace-of-mind.

When measuring efficiency, the national Energy Star regulation is used. The XB14 model – with a SEER up-to 15 – exceeds the minimum requirements to achieve this rating. SEER is an acronym referencing the efficiency of cooling for a heat pump. XB13 has a SEER over 13 – this is not quite a high enough number to qualify for the Energy Star label.

The high efficiency models offered by Trane are the XR13, XR14 and XR15. A ten year compressor, coil and functional parts warranty comes with all three. Extended warranties – which are common for many Trane components – are again available for these units.

A quiet running XR15 measures a nominal sound level of 75. The XR13 and XR14 have a slightly higher rating of 76. The Energy Star rating only applies to the XR15. It has offers a 9.0 heating efficiency rating and a 16.50 cooling efficiency rating. The XR14 has an – up to – 9.0 HSPF and an – up to 15.00 – SEER rating. The XR13 measures up to 8.5 for the HSPF and over 14.00 for the SEER.

Both of the super efficiency heat pumps available from Trane are Energy Star rated. They have an impressive 12 year warranty on the compressor and a 10 year coil and functional parts warranty. Both have an HSPF of up to 9.0. The 14i offers a cooling efficiency of up to 15.25. The XL15i has an – up to – 16.00 SEER rating. A nominal sound level of 74 is found with both units.

Two ultra efficient models top the list of Trane’s heat pump varieties. “Energy Star” will be found attached to each of these two units. Looking at the SEER for the XL16i and the XL20i we find a level of up-to 17.0 for the 16 and 19.0 for the 20. Heating efficiency measurements approach 9.2 for the “ultra” XL16i machine and 9.0 for the XL20i.

The nominal sound level for both ultra efficient Trane heat pumps is – a low – 74. Two compressors work as a two-staged operation in the XL20i model. One staged-compressor element operates inside the XL16i. Both come with a registration and a limited warranty, of 12 years for the compressors and ten years for the coil and functional parts.

Whether you’re looking for efficient comfort in a single unit, or an ultra efficient heating and air conditioning unit, Trane offers many options. Saving space and cash over the short term and long term are reasons to consider Trane heat pumps. Impressive world-wide service and a long history of quality make for reliability you need when looking to heat and cool your home.

I have a lot more reviews and important information on the subject of Trane air conditioners and Trane heat pumps at my website. I’ll even let you in on a little secret: How to get them cheaper than everywhere else on the net 😉 Thank you for browsing, and good luck!

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