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unlocked iphone 3gs vs. iphone 3g

The iPhone 3GS is pretty awesome when it comes straight out of the box. What’s even better, though, is an unlocked iPhone 3GS. Imagine being able to connect to any network in the world. How about getting many apps, ranging from the 99 cent ones to more expensive ones, for free? You get that by unlocking your iPhone.

Benefits of an unlocked iPhone 3GS go far past free apps. Unlocking allows full customization of most every aspect of the phone. You can get it customized however you want, something unseen in a factory setting phone. You can get rid of the standard AT&T SIM card and use a cheaper SIM card. That means lower rates. An unlocked iPhone 3GS also just means more freedom. And hey, what’s the cost? Not much, because you can revert your phone back if you don’t feel like you need the unlock.

The iPhone 3GS isn’t much different from the 3G in terms of specifications: 4.5 inches tall, 2.4 inches wide. It comes in both 16 gig and 32 gig, while the 3G now is limited to the 8 gig. The 3GS allows 12 hours of 2G talk, 9 hours of 3G talk, 300 hours of standby, 5 hours 3G Internet use, 9 hours wifi use, 10 hours video, and 30 hours audio. Of course, thats never combined, it’s one or the other on a single battery charge. If you’ve used the 3G before, don’t be too surprised when the 3GS isn’t much different on the technical portion; focus on the features for now.

Apple has made some decent improvements on prices for the two iPhones. While the newer version is released, the older version is dropped down to $99 for an 8 gig. White is no longer available, and the 16 gig version was cut as well. The 3GS is available at $199 for a 16 gig, and $299 for a 32 gig. All three prices are good for ualified customers? which means that you buy a 2-year plan with AT&T in order to get that price. Ignore that, and you pay $400-$500 more with AT&T’s new options.

Overall, if you want a faster iPhone that has great apps (free if you unlock!) and ramped up features, the 3GS is just what you need. That is, if you want to drop the $720 for the contract (2 years, $30 per month) on top of the $200 for the phone, or just $400 for a phone that won’t allow you to make calls or anything. It’s worth the price. In the end, you’ll be able to download more than $720 worth in information when you compare to the rates of other carriers.

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