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things you must know before buying an iphone 3g

The 3G iPhone is a sleek wonder. It just is an awesome tool to have that combines e-mail, phone calls and music all in one piece. Trust this phone to be an owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy when it comes to the features. Before you get shopping for the 3G iPhone, you must take note of some tips before buying the Phone.
I recommend these tips before buying the phone, as the 3G iPhone has been causing dissatisfaction amongst some customers.
Tip 1 – Make sure to buy the Phone from a good electronic goods dealer. Preferably, if you buy this piece from a branded shop, it will help. You would be spending quite a bit on this phone and hence, you got to be absolutely sure that your piece is genuine.
Tip 2 – Check for all the features and their working. The iPhone is known for its exhaustive set of features. It may not be possible for you to check all those features while shopping for the phone. That said, you could do a quick dip-stick check on the phone to see if all is fine.
Tip 3 – Most customers using iPhone have reported issues with the working of the phone. Issues like menus responding without request, phones cranking off without notice etc have been reported on many occasions. There is absolutely no way you could tell if your “to-be-had” iPhone would not have any of the issues. What you could do is ask all these questions to the phone dealer.
Tip 4 – Check for originality and guarantee on the Phone. Trust me, the iPhone has already created a lot of ripples in the market. I am sure some unscrupulous suppliers have already come up with their duplicate versions. I saw a duplicate version few weeks before in the market. Fortunately, on closer inspection I found that the dealer was cheating me.
Tip 5 – Preferably, go shopping for an iPhone with a person who knows a thing or two about iPhones. The 3G iPhone is a complex tool and would require a tech-savvy person to solve some queries. For starters, it has GPS Mapping, Microsoft Exchange etc in its tools gallery. Don’t worry if you do not make sense of these things. Just make sure to take an iPhone expert with you.
The 3G iPhone is indeed a revolutionary device. It has all the features of the original version and has add-ons too. New gallery features like GPS Mapping, Microsoft Exchange will ensure that this piece will be your all-season phone. Again, a phone looking good in the shop and the one actually in your hand are different sides of a story. You could ensure good functioning of your iPhone, if only you follow the mentioned 5 tips before buying the iPhone.
Remember, you would be paying some money to own one of the best mobile phones in the market. You definitely do not want to own a cheap gold watch only because you neglected some basic rules of shopping for the 3G iPhone.

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