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Apple Iphone is not a strange word in this modern world. This might 3G phone has changed the history of the mobile phones. The entry of the apple iphone itself gathered huge fans around the planet. In fact countless numbers of people booked for this mighty phone well before the product was released. Some of them out there will refer this mighty iphone as an all-in-one gadget. It is of no doubt that this pda is an great gadget. Combining the functionality of the apple ipod ?the world best potable media player and the sleek design which is the specialty of the apple products has made this phone capture the hearts of millions of people around the planet. Iphone was not only a surprise for the consumers, but also was a great surprise for the mobile phone manufacturers. This mighty phone has pushed all the competitors aside and raced past all the leading mobile phones in the market. In fact there is no mobile phone that can be combined with the features, style, durability and pricing of the mighty Iphone 3G.

It is almost 2 years now since the launch of the first Iphone. You will be well aware of the fact that there were not many touch screen phones available in the market during that period. The only comparable touch screen phones of that period were the ones from HTC and blackberry. When these two PDA manufacturers seemed to swallow the entire touch screen mobile phone market, apple popped the surprise by launching the Iphone. The launch of the Iphone turned into a nightmare for the leading manufacturers of the PDAs. Soon after the launch of the first Iphone, apple succeeded in surpassing the competition with ease. The growth of the iphone in the mobile phone market was simply un imaginable. Though there were some critics pointing out the absence of GPS in the mighty iphone, they were just ignored to the beauty of this PDA.

Through the two years since the launch of the Iphone, the competition has grown fierce. Almost all the leading manufacturers of the mobile phones released several new models to compete with the contender. Unfortunately all the approaches failed. For the moment of truth, none of the manufacturers succeeded in creating a PDA that can actually compete with the mighty Iphone. Form the launch of the champion, till date; the manufacturers are trying hard to bring a product that can be called as an phone?killer.

When will be the phone killer?born? Till then Iphone will rule the mobile phone world.

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