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How to Golf – Keep the Face of Your Putter Square

Control of the position of your putter head is vital if you want your golf putting skills to be consistently reliable. Before implementing any information regarding special grip techniques or an ability to read the green, you must first be able to control the face of your golf putter.

A golfer putting competence is completely
reliant on his or her ability to maintain a club face that is absolutely square with their target line. Even when a golfer has excellent green reading abilities: if the face of their putter is misaligned while taking their stroke, it won be of any help. Practicing your putts on a completely flat surface is the best way to determine if you are keeping your putter face square. When you get your golf ball to travel perfectly along the target line then you know that you hit it with a putter that was completely square with the target. Practicing how to golf on a bumpy or sloped surface is not advised as it will be difficult to judge whether it was your golf putting stroke or the ground contours which caused the golf ball to veer off course.

The best way to consistently keep the face of your putter square is to begin practicing your short putts and then gradually increase the distance, and work your way up to hitting the mid-range and longer putts.

How to Golf – Tips for Successful Mid Range Golf Putting

Many golfers find mid range putts the most intimidating, not because they are more difficult than the long or short putt, but because the mid-range putt is often overlooked at practice time. The most important secret behind confident golf putting is practice and preparation! A golfer grows in confidence by building on past successes. Carrying out drills on the green places demands on the player, and sinking a series of mid range putts will greatly increase success rate when playing a round of golf. For example, the compass drill is ideal for giving golf players plenty of practice at sinking mid range putts. Several golf balls are required for this drill; place four lines of balls on the green that correspond with the four points on a compass, with each golf ball lying between seven to fifteen feet from the cup. By sinking each of these balls in succession from the different positions around the cup gives players the opportunity to work on both their golf putting distance control and green reading ability for mid range putts.

How to Golf – Controlling the Distance When Golf Putting

Distance control a very difficult golf putting skill to master. Remember, the number one tip when trying to master this skill; the distance is controlled by stroke length. Don try to shorten the distance that your golf ball will travel by slowing down your putting motion; a shorter backswing results in a shorter shot.

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