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steps to troubleshoot the pptx file errors

Many people across the globe refer Microsoft PowerPoint format for creating & demonstrating file presentations. The utility of a PPT file is unique and no other file format can substitute it. But the PPT files are criticized for being hypersensitive and vulnerable to many errors. A corrupt file shows various errors like Page Fault, General Protection Fault, Illegal Instruction, this is not a PPT, PPT cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt, part of the file is missing, etc. These are some PPTx file repair options which can be performed during the errors.

Try opening the PPT file in safe mode

The methodology for opening the safe mode might differ from computer to computer. But the most common way to go to safe mode is holding control while starting the Windows. Here the system confirms opening the safe mode with Yes or No command. Try to open the PPTx file and if it is not opening then try other repair methods.

Use Windows Explorer to open the PPT file

The next repair option is to open the PPTx file in Windows Explorer. If still the PPT file is inaccessible then try the other method.

Create another blank presentation and insert the corrupt PPT slides into it

Open a fresh PPT file and try to insert all slides of corrupt PPT file from the task pane. Then replace the damaged file with the newly created file.

Use the Temp file of the damaged PPT file.

Whenever a user edits the PPT file, the system creates its PPT#### temp copy. #### signifies a random four digit number. This temp file would be there in your %temp% folder. Search the .TMP PPT copy and rename it.

Transfer the damaged PPT copy to another computer

Transfer the damaged PPT file to another computer for opening it. Please don forget to remove the placeholders before opening it. As a final step save the file in that system.

Use the ScanDisk mechanism for performing PPTX File repair

The ScanDisk process scans and repairs the minor drive errors. You can use this tool for repairing all the cross linked files in the system.
If the PPT file is still not responding then it the time to salvage the data by using RecoveryFIX for PowerPoint repair. This is a powerful PPTx file repair tool that rescues the data from any kind of corruption and error. This tool can successfully recover the slides, objects, images and text from the corrupt files.

Even a novice can execute the scanning operations on the powerful & nimble GUI of PPT repair tool. Moreover it keeps the data integrity intact while repairing the documents.

IT facilitates PPT recovery in two easy modes ?Integrated Mode & Standard Mode. The Integrated Mode can fix the minor corruptions and errors whereas the Standard Mode can accomplish advanced recovery operations.

This software is highly compatible with the Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 versions. It also supports the PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2002, PowerPoint 2000 and PowerPoint 97 versions.

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