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stealthtype iphone app a safe solution for texting while driving

I am sure you’re conscious, recent reports show that people traveling whilst “multitasking” (at the.grams. texting) had been more likely to enter an accident. There are some legitimate medical objections to these results, and also the discussion is actually ongoing, but it is pretty clear that you ought to keep your eye as well as your focus on the street. Inside a perfect globe, we would just about all do that constantly. But we don’t live in an ideal globe, especially when it comes to business. If we do not multitask, we risk falling behind.

Cleverlike Corporation provides a lot of worth in this industry with its apple iphone application known as StealthType. Rather than getting your vision off course, Stealthtype allows you to type using the iPhone computer keyboard with the help of an automatic voice manage assistance system. This particular removes the need to consider the phone or talk involved with it. Simply run your own finger over the computer keyboard as well as pay attention to the actual voice guided system explain in words each letter. Once you lift your finger from the apple iphone the program instantly kinds that notice. Other StealthType features consist of: Changing the laptop keyboard design, change the automatic tone of voice, as well as conserve pre-determined text messages to send.

There are several tone of voice recognition iPhone applications available too. Voice recognition software program originates together way but its not really perfect. Misinterpretation happens frequently. You do not have any space for errors. StealthType eliminates room with regard to mistake and enables for you type precisely and totally.

— Watch this video clip demo to determine how the StealthType Application functions

Cleverlike Company is really a US-based company dedicated to creating as well as marketing innovative technologies solutions and products. The company is actually headquartered in the Denver, Co region. Copyright (D) This year Cleverlike Corporation. Just about all Rights Reserved. Apple, the actual Apple company logo design, iPhone and ipod device are authorized images of Apple company Corporation. within the U.Utes. and/or additional countries.

Cleverlike Corporation is really a US-based company focused on creating and marketing revolutionary technology solutions and products. The organization is headquartered within the Colorado, Colorado region. Copyright (C) This year Cleverlike Corporation. All Privileges Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo design, apple iphone and ipod device are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the Ough.S. and/or other nations.

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