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Do you have a smashed iPhone that you do not know what to do with? Have you ever thought that you could actually make money from it? If not, then you are not alone. In the United States alone, around 500,000 smashed iPhone, Blackberry or any number of other brands of handsets you can think of will be dumped in one day!

Not Alone

Now, do you see how big a group you belong to? Can you even begin to imagine the amount of pollution that is being caused by each and every smashed iPhone that is thrown away? Do you even know the amount of money that is wasted with each iPhone that is thrown away? Yes, every single phone that has been thrown away has taken some money with it. The grand total would be mind boggling.

That’s right there are people who would gladly take your smashed iPhone off your hands. They would even be glad to give you a pre-paid envelope to send it to them. And most amazingly, you get paid for having your rash’ taken away. What could be a more amazingly delicious deal?

Sell iPhones Online

There are online companies that deal, rather successfully, in buying and selling your smashed iPhone. They will take it from you and pay you money depending on the damage that has been done to the phone. For example, if you take an iPhone sale site like iPhone Into Cash, they have a rough estimate of what you could expect. If it still works and has only normal wear and there isn’t significant damage done to it, your iPhone can fetch you up to $250. And on the opposite side of the spectrum your smashed iPhone too has an estimated value that can get you paid up to $100!

Moral – “Sell, Sell, Sell!”

So, the moral of the story so far is that no matter how mangled your phone is, and no matter how many toilets you may have dropped it in, there still is someone to buy it. These companies will polish up the refurbish-able phones and resell them to people all over the world that do not have access to expensive store bought phones – this way they pick up the latest gadget at a very low price. And even if you think that your smashed phone is so mangled that even you can’t remember what it looked like before the accident, you can still sell it. Why? Because although it might not function as a phone right now, it can still donate, otherwise expensive spare parts, to other cell phones that are in better condition.

So, save the earth and help others, and yourself, by selling your smashed iPhone today!

If you are looking for more information on how to sell a smashed iPhone, visit iPhones Into Cash at: http://iphonesintocash.com.

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