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Having a great gadget like a new iPhone is perfect for keeping up with style trends as well as keeping in touch with friends, family, news, blogs and social network updates. But with a new iPhone comes the pressure to keep it looking new and prevent damage to your prized possession. Unfortunately there are too many ways an iPhone can be damaged or broken. While iPhones are notoriously tough, you can still do a lot of damage to your phone. Dropping your phone down the stairs or into the bath, stepping on your phone with heavy work boots, breaking your phone on concrete or trapping your phone in the front door are just some of the ways you can turn your new iPhone into a past favorite. When you take your phone with you all the time, there are many opportunities for damage. If you crack your iPhone’s screen, damage the case or break the keys, you may assume your iPhone is useless. Many people simply throw away their iPhone when it gets damaged and they can’t claim money for it on their cell phone plan. Most people sign up for a new phone, or buy a new iPhone while relegating their old phone to the drawer. You may be surprised to learn, however, that there are uses for an old or damaged iPhone. You can sell your iPhone to get cash back and reduce the waste that comes from throwing your phone away. Depending on the extent of the damage to your phone, you can get cash back when you sell your iPhone online to one of the specialist companies that help you make the most of an old phone.

Cash for an old phone? This isn’t a scam – there are reputable companies out there that use your old phone for refurbishing and selling on. Therefore, they are willing to pay you money for the phone you no longer want. The system is simple. You go online to request a free mailing envelope, check the value of the phone against the “price list” on the website, send your phone in the mail and wait for the cash payment. Broken iPhones may seem useless, but many people are interested in the broken phone for parts or to refurbish them and sell them on as second-hand phones. The money you get for your phone does depend on the extent of damage, so don’t expect a fortune if your phone is completely crushed. But if the phone has a little damage, or is unwanted but otherwise undamaged, you can get a decent amount of money to put towards your next gadget purchase.

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