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With the recent release of the new Apple iPhone4s, many people have been seduced into taking out a new mobile phone contract to take advantage of the host of new and upgraded features the new model has to offer. Whether it be for the upgraded 8 megapixel camera, the new 1080p HD quality video or the SIRI voice control, there are now literally tens of thousands of unwanted iPhone3g and iPhone4 models that are now redundant.

With Christmas fast approaching the can be no better time to looking into recycling that old iPhone to earn some extra cash for the forthcoming festive season. It may or may not be a surprise to hear there will be a significant value still attached to it, with some models attracting upwards of ?90 which is ready to be paid into your bank account. Even faulty models with defects such as a broken screen can attract up to 90% of their value with many recycling companies, so if the question can I sell my mobile arises in your mind, the answer is still usually yes.

History dictates that the best course of action is to act now to achieve the best possible price for your old iphone. As the technology advances at a break neck pace, phones quickly lose their value as new models are introduced to the market and what is today cutting edge technology, is tomorrows antique. A good example of this is with the first generation iphone, when the replacement the iphone3gs arrived on the market the old 3g could be traded in for over ?20, now with the advent of two further models the value of the 8g version has now currently dropped to ?4.

We have now discussed the reasons you might ask yourself hould I sell my iPhone? the next question that naturally arises is ow do I sell my iPhone??br />
There are many mobile phone recycling companies out there to choose from, Mazuma Mobile, Fonebank and Envirofone and some of the most well known organisations but there are many more willing to offer you the cash to part with your old mobile phone. It used to be a trawl to check each and every company to see who will offer you the most for your mobile phone, but recently price comparison sites such as www.sellmyoldmobiles.com have emerged and can now do all of the hard work for you. By entering the mobile phone make, in this instance your old iphone4 into the search bar, press search and voila, a list of up to 25 companies appears and the amount they are will to pay you for your phone.

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