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samsung galaxy s2 battery life

The Samsung Galaxy s2 has come equipped with a battery that is likely to last you for the majority of the day without the need for recharging. The Android battery life is exceptional on the device due to the inclusion of a 1650 mAh battery. However, if you do find the battery lacking, you can shop for extra charging accessories or Samsung Galaxy batteries with extended talk times.

Standard Talk and Standby Times for Android Device
The standard amount of talk time for the Samsung Galaxy s2 is 18.3 hours and 29.6 days of standby time. When the 3G Network is used, the Android battery life decreases to nine hours of talk time and 25.8 days of standby time. As a comparison, the iPhone 4S contains about eight hours of talk time when running on a 3G network. Keep in mind that these amounts are only approximations. Your settings and mobile network will affect how much use youl actually get out of the mobile device.

Samsung Galaxy s2 Battery Life Comparisons
The Samsung Galaxy s2 is currently available through three different mobile carriers: Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. Although the Samsung device comes with the same battery for each carrier, the network could affect the talk and standby times for the Samsung Galaxy batteries. If the network is busy, your battery could be draining at a quicker rate. If you use a 2G connection through your mobile carrier, the Android battery life will last longer than if you are on a 3G network.

Extending Samsung Galaxy s2 Battery Life
Although the high resolution of the screen of the Galaxy s2 may look nice, this can be one of the biggest power drains. Disable auto brightness for the smartphone and set it to the lowest level possible. Keep the number of widgets on your phone menu low to avoid unnecessary battery drain. Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks when not in use.

Shopping for Samsung Galaxy Batteries
A replacement battery or extended battery can be purchased to extend the life of your device. For instance, the 3500 mAh extended battery can increase battery life by as much as 70 percent. If you do shop for a new product to extend talk times and standby times, you need to know certain details about your device beforehand. Before ordering, make sure the product you choose is compatible with your specific series and model. Before you order, also be certain the battery works on your mobile network. To save money, you may want to consider aftermarket batteries and accessories in lieu of OEM types.

If your Samsung Galaxy s2 seems to be dying at a quicker rate, it may be time for a replacement battery. To postpone the need for a replacement battery, keep the device in a temperature controlled environment and clean connectors with a cotton ball saturated with alcohol when dirty. Furthermore, increase your Samsung Galaxy s2 battery life by charging to full once the battery is at 25 percent.

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