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If your iphone has stopped working, don fret because most likely the problem you are experiencing can be fixed. Just as you wouldn throw a computer out just because it has a problem, you shouldn throw your old iphone out. You may be worried that fixing it will cost you more than the value of a new phone, but it doesn have to! You can go online and purchase used iphone parts that are much more affordable than purchasing new ones from Apple or from a repair person, and you can read online about how to fix your phone. If you put all of the labor into fixing your phone and use affordable parts, then your old iphone will be back to normal in no time and at little cost to you.

The first thing youl have to do is figure out what is wrong with your phone. Many people find that the iphone 3g motherboard is broken in their phone or isn working as it should. As you might expect from the way it sounds, the iphone 3g motherboard is an incredibly important part that is responsible for making the whole phone function. The motherboard is attached to nearly every other part of your iphone, and it is responsible for keeping communication between each part together. So if the iphone 3g motherboard on your phone isn working, then youl really have to replace it. If you want to continue using your phone, it not the kind of thing you can allow to stay broken. Fortunately though, you can purchase a used iphone 3g motherboard for a surprisingly low price online. That because there are plenty of other iphone users out there like you, and when they no longer want their phone, they sell it to a reliable person who will either refurbish it or sell it for parts. So you can buy one of those parts and then easily repair your phone.

If the idea of repairing your phone with a new iphone 3g motherboard sounds too scary, you might consider selling your phone online instead. That way, someone else can be responsible for going to the trouble of repairing it, or the person you sell it to can use the rest of your phone to sell to other people. The great thing about selling your old phone if you don want to repair it, is that you can earn a good amount of money that you can put towards buying a new phone. That can be an especially attractive and good idea if your two year service plan is about to expire. When you sign up for a new two year service plan, you use the money you earned from selling your old iphone to upgrade to a newer generation. So no matter whether you are ready to upgrade to a new smartphone, or whether you want to keep your old iphone, you can benefit from selling your old phone online or from purchasing used parts (like an iphone 3g motherboard) that are affordable.

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