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quartz wall clocks and how they work

Quartz wall clocks are a type of time telling device that uses quartz to tell the time. Previously man had used electrical components like the battery or mechanical techniques like the pendulum to tell the time. But these previous inventions lacked accuracy and convenience as wall clocks. Again, an electrical clock was heavy and a pendulum needed to be wound after working for some time.

Quartz wall clocks were therefore invented to accurately and conveniently tell the time. There was another reason for their development – to provide cheap clocks for everyone.

The first quartz wall clocks were invented in the 1920s but were not made popular until the 70s when new production systems made it cheaper and lighter.
Quartz time pieces became popular in the 1970s when the technology went on mass production.

Quartz wall clocks do not need to be wound up. Once the battery is installed, they can tell the time accurately and consistently till the battery loses power. One other advantage of quartz wall clocks is that, it uses little power so it can last for a long time. Again, they are more durable than mechanical clocks because they have fewer moving parts or gears.

At the core of quartz wall clocks is the mineral called quartz. It is made from a compound known as silicon dioxide. Quartz has interesting properties – if you cramp it, it generates an electric current and if you apply electric power, it offers a precise frequency. These are the properties that horologers need for their wall clocks.

Applying these technologies, horologers install a battery that passes tiny current through the quartz wall clocks. Each time such power traverses the mineral, a precise, consistent and regular pulse is emitted to drives a motor. This motor has wheels that move the hour, minute and second hands of the clock. So quartz wall clocks simply turn electronic pulses into electrical energy that mechanically drives a motor to keep the hands of the clock moving.

Quartz wall clocks have now become part of every home. They are cheap and maintenance free. Most importantly, they use little power; saving the homeowner on energy costs.

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