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The iPhone 4, Apple newest coolest gadget, is a great buy for anyone who loves technology. With its amazing retina display, varied applications and a sleek finish it is what we always dreamed phones of the future would look like. If you are lucky enough to have an iPhone 4 one of your biggest priorities has to be protecting it: you don want to quickly break the device and have to revert to using an inferior phone. Here are a couple easy things that you can do to ensure that your phone is well protected.

A good case is essential for the iPhone 4: it will not only protect the phone from accidental drops, but also allow you to keep a good grip on it. Various independent manufacturers make cases for the iPhone 4 so there are thousands of different options out there ?make sure to choose one that is sturdy and from a reputable manufacturer.

Whether you buy a 32GB iPhone 4 or the smaller 16 GB version, you will be getting one of the best screens in the world, so it would be a shame to destroy it. Protecting this part of the phone is incredibly easily: simply buy a plastic film which can be fitted over the entire display: this will protect the screen perfectly, and best of all you won notice it at all. If you do scratch the film, simply pull it off and put on another one.

By doing these two simple things you will protect your iPhone 4 perfectly. The best news though is that the phone itself is quite sturdy with a metal siding and a hardy body. With a few precautions and the phone design you should have no problem protecting your iPhone 4.

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