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physical or water damage requiring an iphone 3g board replacement

One of the hazards of having an iPhone in the winter is the sensitivity to water damage. For many people who live in areas with lots of snow and cold weather, or even zones where it simply rains all winter season, the humidity can be a real killer of electronics. Even without actually dropping the phone into water like a puddle, simply talking on it during a rainstorm can result in irreparable damage. This damage is not easy to undo, and often an iPhone 3g board replacement will be required. It’s extremely helpful to get a protective cover or case for your iPhone, at least to use during the winter, but these cases cannot completely eliminate the risk of damage.

For many people, iPhones are desirable and convenient because of the sleek, thin design. They can easily be stored in a person’s pocket and carried around all night without worrying about discomfort. This little perk can quickly turn into a dangerous feature when the owner forgets about it in a back pocket or chest pocket and it goes tumbling out. The mere act of falling from such a height can necessitate an iPhone 3g board replacement, but falling into water during messy, slushy winter storms can be even worse. The first thing that should be done is that the phone should be turned off, especially if there is water damage, and taken apart as best the user can. It should then be left out in a dry environment to air dry for at least 3 to 5 days. After, put the phone back together and see if it’s working or not. If it is, then phew you’re in luck! If not, it’s time to consider an iPhone 3g board replacement.

After falling or suffering water damage, the phone may begin to freeze or may not turn on at all. The screen may stay completely black, or the Wi-Fi feature may be troublesome or stop working completely. All of these symptoms are signs that an iPhone 3g board replacement is the right course of action. A new piece, or even just a ‘new to you’ part can be bought online, but prices vary. If the part is used then it can come for a very affordable price. A new part can, of course, be more expensive. Be sure to shop around for an iPhone 3g board replacement, searching in various sources. The less you spend on the actual part the more time, energy and money that can be invested into good solid repair work.

If you have any doubts at all about an iPhone 3g board replacement being the right solution for your physically damaged or water damaged iPhone, take it to a professional first. However, if you witnessed the damage to the phone and then any of these symptoms presented themselves, it’s quite likely the logic board is fried. Those who are so inclined may be able to tackle the repair themselves. Others will send the phone away to be fixed, or even simply sell the phone for parts and get cash back! No matter what, remember prevention is key and always protect iPhones with protective covers or cases!

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