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Pass Apple iPhone5S menu key replace traditional authentication using fingerprint recognition

Pass Apple iPhone5S menu key replace traditional authentication using fingerprint recognition
Phoenix FRANCISCO, Jan. 16, according to foreign media AppleInsider reported pass Apple will be introduced this year iPhone5S built-in fingerprint sensor in its main menu key, the design will let other competing platforms such as Android and Windows rival Phone difficult.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts cast will greatly this year, the so-called “iPhone 5S” phone Apple acquired Authen Tec fingerprint identification. He said Apple will find ways fingerprint sensor built into the main menu key, while maintaining the most compact design concept of Apple products.

Kuo said that by contrast, many Android and Windows Phone devices display there is often more than one key, and most of the buttons are touch design, unlike Apple’s physical and mechanical design. Other platforms in order to be the keys to the built-in fingerprint sensor is more difficult.

Kuo also said that the built-in fingerprint sensor, Apple iPhone (parameter picture sample evaluation) can take advantage of fingerprint recognition technology to replace the user name and password authentication, user authentication process to become more efficient. He also predicted that the fingerprint sensor will also combine Passbook applications such as enhanced verification function.

In addition to the the iPhone 5S outside, Kuo predicted that Apple will also launch a new product design based iPhone5. This review is exactly in line with the recently rumored that Apple launched a cheaper Apple iPhone rumors for the Emerging Markets Program.

Kuo said the cheaper iPhone5 will adopt the new design includes a plastic housing, etc., in order to reduce costs, widening the Apple iPhone lineup. Kuo also predicts that Apple will push this year, equipped with a Retina display iPad mini, brand new Retina MacBook Pro notebook computers and upgraded version of the Apple TV set-top boxes and other products. (Compile / small, Kwong)

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