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One of my friend broke his iPhone 3G last year, it was from a corner-on drop but It still worked so he just lived with it for a few months with a bit of tape to make sure the shards don’t fall out. Because he wasn’t sure of his finances at the time. he didn’t want to spend a couple hundred that he thought it would take to fix it.

when he told me about the spare parts for his iPhone 3G which included the glass, touch screen digitizer, two plastic spudgers and his budgets of hundred of USB Dollars to repair it. I suggest him to go to check his iPhone 3G first, because since his iPhone can work,the digitizer is ok. What he needs is a front glass, adhesive stickers and maybe an opening tool.
I recommended him this website to buy what’s he need: http://www.trait-tech.com/catalog/IpodIphoneAccessories/iPhone3GParts/ to check if it can cut his budget to less than $40 including shipping cost, he didn’t believe it first but when he saw the prices and the shipping cost, he brought the spare parts he needed and get them in a week.

What’s more,he get a case for his iPhone 3G which quite suit to prevent his iPhone be scratched or carcked in the future.

What your iPhone needs? You might get the amazing answers at their website:


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