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oem pain ipad assembled in china with only 11.2 u.s. dollars

Experts said that Foxconn “Nine jump” reflects the pain OEM profit model
9 Foxconn even jump after jumping nearly 10 occurred in a few days ago. Continuous occurrence of such incidents so that Foxconn day management in perpetuity, it was rumored that the company will be invited into the company of a master, teachers are more than psychological counseling emerging companies. But outside, it really can get rid of psychological shadow of the staff?
Liu Buchen, experienced observers appliances, said: “Foxconn 9, even jumping out of the back of refraction may Foxconn OEM profitability models such pain.”
“Foxconn mode” or by nine with jump
Since Apple iPad4 3 months since starting, sales climbing higher and higher, many Apple fans in China through various channels have ordered iPad, then Apple released a WiFi version of containing a row, 3G + WiFi version.
Hot on the iPad while, iPad, one of the largest foundries Foxconn employees are jumping events occurred one after another. External events that drove these employees have divergent views, some analysts said was because of emotional problems caused by its own staff, it was pointed out that this is the company’s management of any defect.
However appliances in the senior observer Liu’s eyes, even jumping behind Foxconn 9 reflects the Foxconn OEM business model of such pain.
U.S. market research agency authority iSupply that Apple pay “assembled in China” is only charges per 11.2 U.S. dollars, and the lowest price compared to 499 U.S. dollars of the iPad, is very low.
In fact, these OEM companies such as Apple’s in front of a huge company, a large number of orders for the win, have disadvantage, coupled with fierce competition between industries, leading OEM manufacturers the ability to change its hard to be squeezed status quo.
“The real money, there are two companies, one is to provide the brand of the company, the other is the technology owner, Apple is the owner of the brand and technology.” Liu Buchen, to the “Daily Economic News” said, “Foxconn 9 with Jump back reflecting the Foxconn OEM profitability model that pain, because the low profitability of individual products, so extracted from the production line more money profit. daily high load of labor, wages low income workers will be brought to feel the anxiety, resulting in a variety of social events. ”
Negligible “assembly fee”
Carding the iPad the profitability of the industry chain is not difficult to discover why Xuejiannaodai OEM manufacturers cost.
iSupply and BROADPOINTAMTECH been calculated in detail to the figures, iPhone and iPad over 50% of the overall profit margin. In contrast, iPhone profit margin up to 50%, Samsung 10% profit margin, profit margin was 8.9% of Nokia.
iSupply’s findings show that the iPad price of 499 U.S. dollars the cost of all parts is only 219.35 U.S. dollars, less than half its retail price, the average cost of 260 dollars. One A4 processing chip developed by Apple for each 26.8 U.S. dollars, 16G of memory chips 29.5 U.S. dollars. The most expensive component is 9.7-inch touch screen, manufactured by the South Korean LG, each of 95 U.S. dollars. The analyst said the cost of the screen at 80 dollars.
“11.2 U.S. dollars in the assembly fee” in the profit chain appears to be negligible.
“For complex models, 11.2 U.S. dollars is not earn much money. Although iPad not really complex models, but not good to do.” One of the world’s largest notebook computer (NB) R & D with the manufacturer’s internal person to the “Daily Economic News”, told reporters that “such a display, the cost of OEM products may eventually come out only to about 50% of the selling price, the real front-line workers to get hands on relatively much less. ”
“Foundry at the bottom of the whole industry, over time due to the dependence of these large companies, the ultimate difficult transformation and upgrade.” Liu Buchen, said, “Foxconn OEM model enterprise for the future development of these roads is very limited, the current situation also very embarrassed, because this model can not bring high-margin, high profit to be from the human cost of raw materials or find a way. ”

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