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Right now each day nano technology is often heard term in our society. In every device along with other devices all of us use a lot of ingredients. In that the load associated with object is depends on using material. For example take bottom ball softball bat. It ought to be strong as well as convenient simultaneously it ought to be less weight. Purpose of the new ipod nano technology would be to make an item smaller in size as well as fat much less along with effective working. However new ipod nano technologies is very useful however simultaneously it’s very harmful than which.


The news is coming associated with CNT (co2 new ipod nano pipes) because harmful to our wellness. Depending on clean information new ipod nano contaminants are freed also from laser printers. Mainly new ipod nano means hundred primary parts within 2nd. This tells exactly how mini it’s.

A lot of things are producing by utilizing nano technology. Nano technology is using within sun display, creams, fuels, paints, socks, digital instruments and activity gallery etc.

The actual ingredients which are getting under 100 nano meters getting characteristics of optical magnetic or electrical characteristics these types of substances are called new ipod nano substance.

Mainly utilized new ipod nano contaminants are gold new ipod nano contaminants, Titanium oxide nano contaminants, Manganese new ipod nano contaminants and Cerium oxide and so on.

These nano particles may enter in in order to coronary heart, liver organ as well as brain like important organs. Nevertheless we wear know the poisonous influence of these particles existing days. To recognized the poisoning of nano particles we wear have that much of data. To achieve this information nearly over 10 years may take location.

The evaluation of bad motion associated with new ipod nano technologies is very difficult to find. The chemical substances that are utilized as new ipod nano technologies because of their different characteristics actually scientists additionally unable to make clear all of them. To begin with we need to known new ipod nano ingredients tend to be dangerous or otherwise. Clinically to known the actual poisoning of one chemical substance first of all all of us conduct experiments upon creatures with high dose.

However in situation associated with new ipod nano ingredients determination of chemical substances isn’t enough. We should also known particle size as well as physical qualities. Nano ingredients are in variations. Therefore, we get mistake to select an ingredient. They have various sizes and shapes. They have different morphological figures. If occur small distinction in test it might leads to challenging result. New ipod nano particles tend to be harmful within large compound size? Or perhaps in small compound size? Within this additionally researchers doesn’t have distinctive opinion.

most estimations stated the ingredients such as co2 nano tubes, iron oxide new ipod nano contaminants as well as Sixty or more carbon atoms having golf balls might dangerous as well as dangerous to the health. Particularly when all of us look at in any way carbon new ipod nano pipes are seems like really dangerous. Mainly they trigger large amount of respiratory system problems by breathing co2 nano pipes. It might results in cardio general disorders. It’s dangerous just like haze from diesel-powered engines.

New ipod nano technology is also used in drug manufacturing as well as photo voltaic batteries production also.


-In sun screen creams titanium di oxide or zinc oxide such as new ipod nano contaminants are used.

-This enters directly into our body via pores and skin.

-It goes into drinking water whenever we rinsing. It enters in to atmosphere when we throw away the containers.

Energy sources:

Within Europe mix cerium oxide within diesel to reduce fog. With this nitrogen
oxide as well as co2 mono oxide levels tend to be diminishes.


In offers silver nano contaminants to avoid adhering associated with insects. Gold contaminants are also used in kitchen area ware, mobile phones, dolls and contraceptives.These people enters into environment when they unhealthy.


-To prevent germs as well as bad smell Gold nano particles are used within clothes, below ware, shirts and uniform etc.

-These contaminants are soaked up by skin through towels also it makes its way into in to drinking water whenever cleaning.

Consumer electronics:

-Carbon new ipod nano particles are utilized in Liquid crystal display screens.

-It is used in clips to reduce warmth. Manganese deposits are used within electric batteries to increase capacity.

-The threat may be less if we are utilizing over devices. But when throw out these types of devices the new ipod nano contaminants might pollute atmosphere.

Sports activities GALLERY:

Co2 nano pipes are also used in golf clubs, base ball bats, tennis games rockets as well as series to reduce their weight making stronger.
The danger is extremely less when using this however, when they throw out or even broken results contaminants pollutes air and drinking water.

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