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Consumers loves using 3g iphone battery for their daily purposes. And most of the time when the 3g iphone battery doesn’t works it makes the user quite panic. There are certain things required for the 3g iphone battery replacement from which the user ismostly not aware. The important tools needed for 3g iphone battery replacement are tools required , Small Phillips Screw Driver , Small Flathead or exacto razor , and Safe Open Tool . Consumers have to gather all these neccesary tools and afterwards placing the 3g iPhone battery replacement on a clean flat surface, and also using a soft cloth or towel to place under it. If in case the user thinks that the 3g IPHONE battery replacement showign the prescence of water or liquid damage, then its good to go for repair evaluation as it possible that a battery alone will not solve the problems that the user is having. And seeing this most of the retailer don offer a battery replacement kit for the 3g IPHONE battery replacement like they do with most iPod models.

Also consumers should know that the 3g iphone battery inside the first generation (2G) IPHONE (4GB, 8GB, and 16GB) is soldered to the motherboard and when doing 3g iphone battery replacement then should know all this before going for this. But when the 3g iphone battery is not soldered, then the 3g iphone battery replacement becomes tough to access and replace in the market. Seeing all these difficulties associated with the 3g iphone battery replacement retailers in the customers?best interest decided not to offer a replacement kit. Instead, retailers offered an expertise: they replace IPHONE batteries within a few days after the users device arrive and there it passes rigorous testing, and thereafter the 3g iphone battery replacement will be shipped right back to the users.

The 3g iphone battery replacement is done in the favour of the users as most of the technical pro and cons are not known by them. Before the 3g iphone battery replacement the retailers offer the warranty of 18 months to its users in the market. Even few users go for a reasonable handy with small tools for getting the 3g iphone battery replacement providing fresh and long-lasting new battery in just $6 only . As this method of re-flashing 3g iphone battery replacement helps in increasing battery life. Consumers can visit online shops to know more about 3g iphone battery replacement before giving it a new life or buying new one.

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