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It used to be that the laptop was the must-have status symbol, that keeping up with latest models was an acceptable pursuit. But then people started to decide that laptops were something needed for work, not just a toy, and it had to shift to something that was more obviously focused on providing people with a good time. For awhile, this was the digital camera, but with Steve Jobs’ brilliant introduction of the iPhone, the new go-to toy became the smartphone. These days, countless people are toting them around, regardless of whether or not it’s a crucial part of business. And when there are a ton of different phones out there on the market at a premium price, it becomes profitable even to have a broken one.

While that might sound a bit counterintuitive, the fact is that iPhone parts replacement sales is currently a booming business, considering the fact that many of the people out there doing repairs do not want to spend a mint on purchasing the pieces needed directly from Apple, who can mark them up as high as they like. And this means that someone who has held onto a couple of generations’ worth of old broken phones with no use for them no longer needs to keep them hanging out in a drawer or collecting dust in a box. It’s possible to make a decent chunk of cash thanks to other people’s iPhone parts replacement needs. And this means being able to make enough that it might even be feasible to finance one’s own upgrade.

The first step in figuring out how to make money off of an iPhone is checking with a tech-savvy friend, if there’s one around, to see whether or not all of the pieces are busted, or if there are some that are working. This actually might not be as necessary for some people as it will be for others. If a phone is still turning on and the only trouble is a cracked screen, there are still a number of different iPhone parts replacement options in terms of pieces that can be used to fix up different phones that are the same make and model. With a bit of knowledge, it’s possible to then talk to one of the stores specializing in replacement parts and repairs to let them know you are aware of what’s working and what isn’t on the phone, even stating the amount that you hope to get.

For those who don’t have as much time to get involved in the ins and outs of iPhone parts replacement strategy, it might make more sense to simply go to the web, where countless websites are making offers to purchase old phones. This way, there’s less time spent researching, and more time spent simply enjoying the profit. And for someone who doesn’t have that much spare time to putter about, not having to deal with the research might be worth the ten bucks that ends up being lower with going directly to someone online instead.

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