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macbook retina repairs now available

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We’ve had some time to check out the new Pro and now that Apple has released a full list of available service parts we’ve got more details on repairs.

Screen Repairs

Similar to the newer models of MacBook Air, the LED panel is not available separately. This means that to replace a cracked or damaged screen, the entire upper section will need to be replaced. The cost of the replacement will vary depending on the issue. If the screen is physically damaged or suffered from a liquid spill, the replacement cost will be higher than if the screen suffers from a component failure outside of the warranty period.

If the unit is undamaged and still under the Apple warranty, the upper section can be replaced under AppleCare at no charge.

Logic Board Repairs & Replacements

The logic board for the new Retina MacBook Pros is also similar to the current generation of Airs. The RAM is soldered to the logic board so upgrading the board just to get more RAM would not be cost effective.

If the logic board is replaced due to component failure, only the exact same board with the same processor and RAM will be available for exchange. If the board has suffered from a liquid spill, your Apple Authorized Service Provider may be able to repair the board. In the event that the board cannot be repaired and the repair is not covered under AppleCare, they can order a replacement board from Apple in any processor speed/RAM combo.

SSD Upgrades

The SSD is a separate card that can be replaced under AppleCare. Only the same exact capacity SSD can be exchanged with Apple. If you wanted to get a bigger SSD card, it would make fiscal sense to wait and see if 3rd party cards come out in the future.

Battery & Case Replacements

Here’s where the new MacBook Pro gets a little tricky. The top case, trackpad and battery are all treated as one unit. This means that to replace one component, you have to replace them all. For repairs that are covered under AppleCare this is actually good, as you’ll be getting a new battery if say the trackpad fails. If the repair is not covered under warranty “i.e. liquid spill and some keys stop working,” the entire top case/battery assembly will need to be replaced.

I/O Boards, Fans and Speakers

There is a separate I/O board that houses the DC-IN and left side ports. So if say your audio jack stops working or is damaged, this board can be replaced separate from the logic board. The newly designed fans are also available for replacement. We’ll need to see how well they hold up over time, but so far they seem very solid.

Another first for the Retina MacBook Pro is the way the speakers work. Apple strongly advises replacing both speakers when one fails. The speakers are paired and the syncing may be off if they are replaced independently.

AppleCare and Warranty Service

The new Retina MacBook Pro is great to use, but difficult and expensive to repair. We highly recommend getting AppleCare when purchasing this unit, and some Apple Authorized Service Providers can perform both AppleCare and out-of-warranty repairs for these models.


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