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mac the ripper lion – the best audio and video converter for mac

With the latest trends of increasing popularity for Mac among the PC users, the numbers of Mac users are growing rapidly around the world. Entertainment becoming one of the most vitals aspects of the young generation, online videos and audios has attained seamless demand among the youngsters. People are crazy about finding resources online where they can download and play their chosen music and videos. While these files are available in numerous formats, the need for some software which can convert audio and video files for Mac is often demanded for. As Windows based operating system are quite popular, most of the audio and video formats comes in compatibility mode for Windows. Hence utility of a software converter which can effectively convert Windows compatible audio and video files for Mac users is highly asked for by any Mac user.

Mac the Ripper Lion is one of the most advanced video converter for Macintosh OS, which has numerous benefits like removal of CSS encryption, setting region code of DVD to ?’ for international playback as well as removes Microvision protection. This particular software is well capable of removing RCE region protection, too! This software does not require a region protected DVD to play on a DVD player to receive the decryption key and thereby offers an advanced solution for seamless conversion of DVD files as well as many sorts of audio files those can help an enjoyable experience with facility to play WMV on Mac. This versatile software is also well able to remove the UOP (User Operation Prohibitions) those are included in some parts of the DVD like FBI warnings, intros, previews and logos.

Mac the Ripper Lion is one of the versatile software, which is capable of delivering the best conversion for any DVD video or audio file. It has the facility to rip DVD from damaged DVDs as well as from improperly mastered copies. This particular software is capable of removing the very new ARccOS protection and can extract the master piece of video and audio with easy playback on Mac operating system. This software converts media formats to .VOB extension which is normally incompatible with iPad, iPod or iPhone like Apple products. Nothing to worry when you can convert .VOB extension media files to your desired format for such applications on move. You can use iMedia Converter for Mac developed by iSkysoft which can offer you hassle-free conversion of .VOB files in to your desired formats for iPad, iPod or iPhone. All you need is to download and install some software can convert and play WMV on Mac.

How to rip benefits:

It’s quite simple to use this versatile software for any normal Mac user by following a few simple steps.

1.You have to download Mac the Ripper Lion and mount the .dmg archive by double-clicking on it.

2.Once you copy and paste the application folder to your desired folder, you just need to initiate the process of conversion by inserting your DVD to the player.

3.Set the RCE options if it is available with your DVD. You can also make a default setting of RCE for your specific region.

4.Set your output location and hit the O’ or nter’ button to start extraction

5.Within minutes you will be able to get a converted audio or video file in .VOB extension

6.Once you get the output, convert the .VOB to your desired format using iMedia Converter for Mac and receive final outputs in your Mac compatible formats for seamless use

This software also has an advantage of being the fastest video converter for Mac, which you can use at any place at anytime. With its easy download facility and easy installation, you can use this software for your Mac OS and can enjoy seamless media over your favored Mac as well as other Apple products with appropriate conversion.

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