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When it comes to figuring out affordable ways to upgrade your iPhone model, sometimes it might not seem obvious to sell a last-generation phone in order to afford something newer. This is particularly the case when it comes to people who are dealing with broken or worn-down phones, ones that might not immediately attract high bidders on eBay or even warrant an email on Craigslist. But the fact of the matter is that a lot of different businesses make a living repairing broken iPhones, and that most of the time, it’s far more affordable to purchase iPhone 3g parts from people selling their old devices independently than it is to deal with the stress and higher costs of ordering factory-made pieces for repair purposes.

So anyone out there who really wants the latest model–and who can blame that kind of attitude, given the amount of attention that Apple puts into launching new products that manage to blow older generations out of the water–look towards selling old phones as the best way to afford the latest innovation. With so many different people in need of iPhone 3G parts, there’s no reason that any model that might have a cracked screen or a defective battery cannot still result in a significant chunk of cash. And depending on the problem with the model, there is often no reason whatsoever to be concerned about whether or not there are still salvageable parts. For those who aren’t tech-savvy, it’s tough to figure out whether or not something is still worth anything, but the fact is that unless a phone has been wrecked beyond repair, the pieces inside of it are still incredibly valuable for anyone who needs to fix up another device without spending a ton of money on ordering directly from the factory itself.

Of course, for those who aren’t particularly savvy with a screwdriver, deciding to sell your smartphone for iPhone 3G parts doesn’t mean actually disassembling the device personally. It only means taking the phone to someone who might value it for what it can become, rather than what its current state might be. This might mean steering clear of Ebay, where it’s tough to get a good deal on a defective old-generation smartphone, and instead looking towards the various internet pages and forums that focus more on repairing other devices. It doesn’t take very long to poke around Google for better places to sell a phone, and that little bit of research can often mean the difference between making a significant chunk of money or getting stuck with less than what a device is actually worth, even if there happen to be pieces that don’t function quite in the way that they should.

So when Apple and company decide to roll out a new model that automatically makes all other devices look a little bit behind the game, don’t despair because you can’t simply trade in a last-generation phone in a shop for money to purchase the new one. Instead, look towards the numerous places that are looking for smartphones not to use them immediately, but rather, because they are in need of iPhone 3G parts. This is a great way to turn an outdated and defective phone into some quick cash that can go towards a new, fully-functioning model.

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