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latest rumors say iphone 5 to be released in june

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There are always rumors and expectations for Apple products. Now that the press fever about the new ipad has been dying out, press and customers begin to concentrate their attention on the next generation of iphone 5.

It is like a routine for Apple to release a new generation of handset in June of every year, well, before it released iphone 4s in October last year. However, latest rumors say that Apple would release a new generation of iphone in this June, just as routine.

According to a recruiter from Foxconn, the Chinese partner of Apple, Foxconn is planning to hire 18,000 people to make the iPhone 5. And he also suggested that the new generation iphone would be released in June. AppleInsider also claimed that the Chinese workers who built the phone called it iphone 5.

As for the details of iphone 5, Apple-Centric Blog claimed that iphone 5 would feature a bigger screen and a different casing from iphone 4. One scource from Foxconn said, “the various prototypes circulating around that production facility share some common features, including a 4-plus-inch display and a casing that no longer follows the design aesthetics of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.” And a report from Reuters claimed that iphone 5 would have a 4.6-inch Retina display. Unlike iphone 4s, the new iphone would have different designs and iphone parts with different size from the previous iphones. Some other rumors expected iphone 5 to support 4G LTE network, just as the new ipad.

Well, last summer Apple surprised us all with iphone 4s when all is expecting an iphone 5. This year, with all the rumors flashing back again, would Apple take us by surprise again? I really doubt that and hope not.

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