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is it worth paying for an iphone 3g board replacement

For the great majority of iPhones it is an inevitability that at one point, they will break. At the beginning when a person has a new iPhone it is treated with kid gloves like a fragile baby. It is always carefully replaced in its carrying case, never thrown into the bottom of a purse or kept in the back pocket, and certainly never tossed across the room. By the time a person has had the iPhone for a while they realize it’s just not possible to keep up such a high maintenance relationship with their iPhone so they back off a bit. This is when, due to a combination of general wear and tear and lack of caring, many iPhones will break. Sometimes it’s something like a cracked screen due to the phone taking a tumble. Other times it’s something more expensive to fix like a fried logic board after plugging the phone into an iPod jack. The big question, no matter what the damage done, is whether it’s time for a new iPhone, or time to refurbish the old one.

It’s important to remember that the cost of an iPhone repair, once outside the warranty, will vary greatly depending on what’s wrong. An iPhone 3g board replacement does not come cheap with the parts and labor nearing $200 in some instances. A new iPhone might be expensive too, but the logic board is the ‘motherboard’ of the iPhone. Once the heart of the iPhone is replaced it’s like having a new phone anyway. If you are going to go through the torment of having to depart with your old iPhone and start afresh, then it might be just as easy to do an iPhone 3g board replacement.

Another important factor to consider when thinking of an iPhone 3g board replacement is that this particular repair is not going to be a “do it yourself” endeavor for the vast majority of iPhone users. In fact, it’s likely going to be something that will require professional help. This is not only because of the importance and fragility of the logic board, but the fact that in most cases the person will not have the tools lying around to complete this repair. Unless you plan on starting up a business buying and selling used iPhones and other electronics online, then it’s probably not worth the startup cost for one singular iPhone repair.

Luckily, there are companies out there who do have the right tools. These companies can be found online and are experts in buying and selling old iPhones and other electronics. These used electronics are then used either to refurbish, or used for parts and resold to other users in need. Getting an iPhone 3g board replacement from a source such as this with used parts can bring down the cost a great deal, but it will still be a replacement on the more expensive end as far as iPhones go. If you decide you don’t like the quote that comes back to you as to how much such a repair will really cost, then it may be a good idea to simply sell the phone off for cash! With the iPhone 3g board replacement of another seller, your phone can be refurbished by the company and sold to someone else, but you walk away with a cash reward!

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