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You must disassemble the iPhone in order to replace the screen. It is therefore advisable that before you begin replacing the screen you get some small pieces of paper so that you can label the origin of the screws and your parts. They should be labeled as follows; Aluminum back case, motherboard, and metal back screws. Then lay them on the workspace in the correct order leaving a small space in between them for the replacement screen and other iPhone components to rest on.

The equipment and tools that are necessary to replace the screen include; The iPhone replacement screen, a paperclip, a small Phillips screwdriver, and a case opener. After you have these all lined up on the paper, make sure your hands are clean prior to starting the repair.

Step One

The first step is the removal of the SIM tray. In order to accomplish this, insert the paper clip into the hole that is located on the top of the iPhone which is next to the power button. The SIM should eject when the clip is inserted. Then remove the plastic back of the iPhone using the case opener. Put the two components right next to their paper labels. In order to reassemble the iPhone fit the replacement screen into your iPhone by reversing the order of these instructions.

Next is the removal of the two smaller screws that secure the metal casing and are located on either side of the back. There is another screw located middle, top from where the plastic back was removed and place these on the paper label. After this has been completed, run the case opener carefully along both sides of the iPhone to loosen the frame from the back. The metal back is secured by a ribbon of wire. Remove the metal back from the main section of the iPhone carefully.

Step Two

You must use extreme caution when replacing the screen. This is necessary for the removal of the antenna cable for the iPhone which is glued in three locations. Being very careful, pry it loose from the spots where it is glued. Then you must remove the 10 screws from the sides of the iPhone and put them on the paper and label it Outside Case. Next, remove the 3 screws that secure the motherboard. You must remove the battery simultaneously with the motherboard. You must then detach the frame of the iPhone.

In order to fit the replacement screen, you must remove the LCD screen. Use extreme caution when doing this. Loosen the 3 clips that are located on the sides of the screen and start to remove the LCD slowly. Carefully guide the wires that are intertwined in the iPhone through the frame.

Step Three

After this has been completed, put the iPhone replacement screen back in the iPhone and make sure that there were no errors are made when you assembled the iPhone back to its original state.

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