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In case if your iPhone has got damaged, it is highly recommended that you go get your iPhone repaired from an official service centre itself as it will ensure that you still have its warranty in place. If you try to repair yourself or from a third party other than Apple, it will lead to the breakage of seal which subsequently means that whatever further repairs you do at Apple would not be considered under warranty. One should also remember that the warranty of his iPhone would be termed void if it holds marks of any accident or misuse. Therefore, it becomes expensive as he will have to shell out a good amount as service fee depending upon the memory capacity of his iPhone. Another way to get your damaged iPhone repaired is to look out for stores that sell parts of used iPhones. Although, there are couple of replacement iPhone screens that come with the essential tools and kits with a o it yourself’ video or manual. iPhone repairing is not an easy task and while iphone screen repair kits itself have listed the procedure as difficult, one can assume the kind of frustration it would take for the repairer if he is not technically sound. Hence it is very essential that you try getting your iPhone repaired from the company service centre for free before deciding on self help methods. Another important point to be notes is that if your screen repair goes unsuccessful, be prepared to get your iPhone’s battery connector repaired as well since it is usually the result of a screen repair gone badly. iPhone repair as mentioned above is a very tricky job and thus should not be left to inexperienced hands. Extreme care has to be taken while opening the iPhone. The tiny screws and peculiar shape of its motherboard makes the task difficult. Today, one can get almost each and every part of iPhone replaced in case of damage. In case of motherboard damage, most of the people prefer getting its motherboard repaired. Only few of them go for replacement. Even though replacing an iPhone motherboard may not be as simple as replacing the SIM card, it is completely possible. iPhone motherboard repair requires special soldering equipment and generally takes time of a day or two. The maximum occasion where people make mistake is while taking apart the iPhone for a screen replacement. If one doesn’t remove the battery appropriately or uses too much pressure on the battery connector, then he ends up with ripping of the fragile battery connector off the motherboard.

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