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iPhone cracked screen repair can be very easy to fix yourself. I will tell you the benefits of fixing your iPhone.

Apple will charge between $250 to $400 to repair your screen depending on what type of iPhone you have. You can fix it yourself for less than $150 to $200. Apple does have a one year warranty, but this does not normally cover a cracked screen. Accidental damage to your iPhone automatically voids your warranty.

There are a lot of third-party companies that sell replacement screens for a very reasonable price. You can even go on eBay to find some really good deals on replacement screens. You can also buy complete repair kits that will include the tools and screen you need to repair your iPhone. The kits include a screwdriver, a suction cup, the replacement screen, and a couple of other miscellaneous tools you will need. These kits are fairly cheap, and make it very easy to fix the iPhone yourself.

Once you get the kit, you will also need a hairdryer. You will remove the docket screws, and put them in a safe place. Then you will carefully use the suction cup to remove the top glass. There is a set of ribbon cables that you will need to carefully detach from the iPhone. Once you have that off, you will use the hairdryer to soften the material the screen is attached to. There is a tool that looks like a scraper, that you will use to remove the black material from the screen. Once that is off, you can attach the replacement glass to the black material. Then re-attach the ribbon cables from the glass to the phone. The dock for the ribbon cables has a flap that needs to be pointed up. When you get the ribbon cable in place, fold the flap down. This will lock the cable in place. You will put the glass back onto the phone and re-attach all of the docket screws. That’s it you are done, and it took less than ten minutes.

It is important to make sure you test the phone as soon as you are done. If the ribbon cable is not locked in correctly, the phone will not work. I do recommend getting a guide with pictures to help you with this.

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