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iphone 4 repair same day service now available in sugar land tx

iPhone 4 Repair Same Day Service now available in Sugar Land TX

Quick iphone 4 repair services are available at Dr. Cell Phone. They are now accepting walk-ins at their seven physical locations in the Sugar Land and nearby Houston area and mail-ins nationwide.

Cell phones are a common link among users. Cracked screens, issues with the SIM tray, loose data ports, or physical iPhone 4 damage often become a hassle. Dr. Cell Phone in Texas offers repairs by qualified technicians.

Dallas, TX, June 8, 2011 Dr. Cell Phone announces it is extending its cracked screen repair service to iPhone 4 users for both Verizon and AT&T. Services are available in 20 minutes at all their seven walk-in locations in Texas. Dr. Cellphone locations include Dallas, Houston, Frisco, Addison, and Sugar Land. Mail-ins are also accepted with a repair time of 24 hours including overnight shipping. Each repair comes with a 30 day warrantee on parts and work with the exception of damage caused by liquids.

Dr. Cell Phone understands damage to the phone caused by human error or flaws within the iPhone 4 are cause for repair. They keep all original parts for the iPhone 4 in stock at its locations to be prepared to deal with any problems. More than 50 million iPhones worldwide have been sold causing a demand for iPhone 4 repair services. Dr. Cell Phone is committed to offering quality repairs at competitive prices. All prices include parts and repair.

Services provided by Dr. Cell Phone for the iPhone 4 include cracked or shattered screen repair/replacement – $124.99, back cover replacement – $84.99, broken LCD, bleed, and lines repair/replacement – $149.99, and unlock service – $24.99.

Additional services include: power button repair/replacement, loud speaker/ringer replacement, missing/damaged SIM tray replacement, volume keys and mute switch repair/replacement, battery replacement, headphone jack repair/replacement, front and rear camera repair/replacement, charging port repair/replacement, earpiece speaker repair/replacement, microphone repair/replacement, and home button repair/replacement and are charged at $74.99 for each individual service.

Dr. Cell Phone only employs qualified and trained cell phone repair professionals with a prerequisite of having worked for a major cell phone manufacturer. Currently, technicians with work experience from Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung work for Dr. Cell Phone with a combined 25 years of experience. Dr. Cell Phone knows a quick and quality repair is a must for most iPhone 4 users, which is why only professionals are hired, and iPhone 4 parts are always in stock.

Dr. Cell Phone encourages anyone with an iPhone 4 in need of repair to visit, call, or email one of its locations today.

In Sugar Land, visit 15950 Lexington Blvd. or call 281-494-0136.

In Houston, visit 3100 Weslayan #374 or call 713-333-0631.

In North Houston, visit 19710 Northwest FWY Suite 300 or call 832-665-2222.

In East Dallas, visit 4144 N. Central Expy Suite 115 or call 214-646-8066.

In Dallas, visit 11526 Harry Hines Boulevard #105 or call 972-241-9725.

In Frisco, visit 2693 Preston Rd. #1010 or call 241-872-3559.

In Addison, visit 3767 Belt Line Rd. or call 972-247-8952.

For more information about Dr. Cell Phone, please call Rob Noorani at 214-556-5082, email at , or visit www.drcellphone.com.

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