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iphone 4 metal back cover to retain iphone esthetics without bulk

Everyone try to keep the new brand iPhone 4 and make it stand out from the crowd, and at the same time you still have to consider how to protect your iPhone 4 avoid bulk and scratch. Obviously, Merchants keep digging different kinds of measures and styles to fulfill the publics’ desire, such as various iPhone cases, replacement parts, attached kits and other gadgets. Every additional part plays an important role in improving the users’ experience, so does iPhone 4 covers as well.

As we all know, the iPhone 4’s glass back is remarkably fragile, even much more than other iPhone models, and recent reports of the glass cracking make iPhone 4 owners constantly worry about the durability of the device. If you are one of them, replacing the glass back cover with metal one, to add phone security may what you need to think over now.

iPhone 4 metal back cover is different from iPhone case that may add bulk and conceal iPhone’s elegance, or leather stickers, which would possibly cheapen iPhone’s overall look, it can wholly retains the iPhone’s original aesthetics, at the same time helping prevent and shield your iPhone 4 from scratches, damages and dust. The iPhone 4 covers are made of special metallic material, which reflects the light and pins when moves. And the special shining material must earn you a lot of attentions wherever you are.

Don’t worry about the installation, the metal back is incredibly easy to attach. You just remove the two screws on either side of the Dock Connector Port, pop out the glass, slide on the metal cover and Boom. Then you have an attractive, customized iPhone 4. The sides are even beveled for a more comfortable using experience. While, if you still not sure how to do it, please paste the following link to your browser for detailed steps:

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