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Not everyone has access to an electrical outlet at all times to keep their iPhone fully charged. If youe on the go often, you likely want to figure out ways to slowdown iPhone 4 battery drain. Although for the most part the iPhone 4 battery will last for hours at a time even with frequent usage, there are certain settings and features you can disable to keep it charged all day long.

Stop Background Programs

Running a lot of programs and applications in the background will kill your iPhone battery quickly. First of all, make sure you turn off push notification for your iPhone 4. Push notifications check your email, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts at regular intervals throughout the day and notify you of new messages. If you want to stay in the know, only set to receive push notifications from one account like your email. Turn off any background programs youe not currently using to further preserve battery life.

Lock or Turn Off the iPhone 4

At night or when youe not permitted to use your phone, turn off the device. Once powered back on, youl receive any missed messages from callers. If you rather not power off your device to slow iPhone 4 battery drain, press the sleep/wake button to lock the phone. You can also set the phone to lock automatically after one minute of inactivity.

Change the Settings

Turning off the Setting Time Zone option for your iPhone 4 has been found to save power since the option causes the device to consistently check for time zone changes based on your location. The vibrating option should also be disabled to keep your battery charged for as long as possible. Selecting auto adjustment for your screen display is also helpful for battery optimization.

Turn Off the Wi-Fi

If youe not using the Wi-Fi or youe running low on power, turn off the setting. Relying on your cellular network will slow down iPhone 4 battery drain. Turn on the Wi-Fi again when youe about to browse the web. If youe not using Bluetooth or rarely use a Bluetooth enabled device, turn off this feature as well. Searching for either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks will decrease your phone battery power.

Control the Temperature

Apple claims your iPhone battery will drain at a much slower rate if you keep the device in a temperature controlled environment. Don leave your phone in the car or outside on a freezing or sweltering day. Apple recommends the iPhone 4 battery will work the best when used in temperatures between 32 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you find it impossible to slow down the drain of your iPhone 4 battery, you should look into portable accessories used to charge the mobile device. Examples of accessories you can utilize include an iPhone car charger, charging cases, mobile charging docks and solar-powered chargers. Additionally, remember to install and software updates for your iPhone since there may be improvements for the battery performance.

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