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The original iPhone was a revolutionary device. It was named Invention of the year by Time magazine. A lot has changed (or not changed) since then. The current iPhone 3GS has got a lot of new features but none of the features were revolutionary, they are evolutionary.

The original iPhone didn’t have many features which even the most ordinary cell phones had. So in each update Apple added the features that it lacked. (The original iPhone and iPhone 3G are available for very low price, by the way)
So, iPhone 3GS (the third update) gs almost a perfect smartphone now. Let’s have a look at some of it’s features now –

1. The first and the most hyped thing was video recording. The original iPhone and the iPhone 3G didn’t have this feature and it was very much in demand. On the hacked iPhone it was possible to take videos but not many people were comfortable with the hacking thing.

In iPhone 3GS we can record videos in 30fps both in landscape and in portrait mode. Another thing I like about this gs that I can edit the videos I’ve taken then and there, I don’t have to wait to sync it with iTunes on my PC and then edit it.

Sharing all the videos I’ve recorded. AT&T have atlast MMS enabled their iPhone network. So now I can send the videos I record directly via mms. Ok… not all the videos but short ones. Or I could email it or upload it on YouTube.

2. The S Feature – The iPhone and iPhone 3G weren’t slow but iPhone 3GS is fast. Yes, the S stands for speed. Everything works really fast. Applications launches quickly, email attachments are shown fast. So what makes it fast – Simple, a fast processor, more RAM, and an updated 3D graphics card. According to Apple iPhone 3GS is 2x faster than iPhone 3G.

3. 3 Megapixel Camera – Better than 2 megapixel anyway. The best thing in this update is the tap to focus. I just have to tap on the picture to focus on anything and it looks really cool too. I use this feature a lot. The rest of the things like pinching and double tapping, geo-taging etc. are the same. Here again thanks to the mms, I can send it quickly to friends. Syncing and uploading works like a charm.

4. Voice Control – This gs another cool feature. I don’t have to go to contacts, scroll down to contacts and press the call key. I simply have to say the name to make a call. Sadly this feature gs not as perfect as the Nokia smartphones implementation which works even in noisy environment. I can also control my music player with voice, ask my iPhone what song gs playing. Ask it to play any favourite tunes. Through not perfect, it gs good to show off.

5. Cut, Copy & Paste – iPhone and iPhone 3G didn’t have cut, copy & paste. As a compensation, Apple has implemented cut, copy & paste everywhere. Between applications, the web, message. Not only text cut images also, liked an image in web? You can copy it and send via email, mms or share online.

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