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iphone 3g vs nokia n96

The iPhone 3G is an extension of the earlier iPhone model. It has worked upon some of the glitches in the pervious offering. It was recently launched and has immediately garnered popularity banking on the iPod fame. It has brought the touchscreen phone trend into the market and now every touchscreen phone is looked upon as a potential iPhone killer.
The Nokia N96 was also launched as a competitor to the iPhone. It hasn’t jumped into touchscreen ability but has retained in working upon its strengths. It has come out with a unique two-way slider phone design to control its multimedia applications closely. Both phones are priced almost at par but they have their own differences and advantages over each other.

Looks and Appeal:
Both the phones have unique appeal but the iPhone stands out in terms of the quality and build. The iPhone is fully based on touchscreen navigation and has just one button for returning back to the menu. This is a unique prospect over Nokia’s traditional build. The iPhone’s has a virtual keyboard which might pose a problem for the frequent messaging users. The iPhone is slightly heavier than N96 due to its build quality.

While Bluetooth synchronization is a common aspect in phones the iPhone doesn’t allow transferring files over Bluetooth. It doesn’t even support stereo Bluetooth for wireless music experience. N96 has both these aspects and also has an edge over iPhone by supporting video connectivity to TV, voice over IP and multimedia messaging. This limits the iPhone’s ability and if connectivity is your concern than N96 is far superior choice.

This is not really iPhone’s forte; it doesn’t match up to N96’s superior imaging abilities. The iPhone can’t even take videos without the support of third party software applications. N96 offers features equivalent to a digital camera.

Overall evaluation:
The iPhone is a music player beyond comparisons and the whole experience of using a touch-enabled phone is a true delight. The apple iphone is locked to a service provider, this majorly limits their audience but N96 is open to all users, widening their reach.
The iPhone doesn’t offer memory expansion on both its variants but N96 has expansion capability over its mammoth memory. There isn’t a better option but both are different and targeted differently. While iPhone is style based, N96 is utility based, one is music oriented the other is banking upon imaging. While N96 is an extension of traditional navigation and usage, the iPhone is a whole different experience.

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