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intelligent high speed ait-5 media storage tape cartridges

Sony AIT-5 tape offers high recording density at lowest cost per GB due to its increased signal to noise ratio. SDX5-400C AIT-5 data tape is best choice for long term data storage that offers superior data integrity at lowest cost. AIT-5 tape drives have an automatic mechanism that controls the head position. This innovative mechanism is called dynamic tracking that has been developed by Sony for improving the read back signal frequency. Tape head of AIT 5 tape drive automatically tracks the written information in order to boost the strength of data read back and data retrieval. Therefore the quality and frequency of read back signals are optimized. Recording distortion has been minimized in AIT-5 tape which results in increased data reliability and economical data backups.

Support of WORM technology enhances the level of data protection in Sony AIT-5. Addition of WORM functionality has raised the security level of stored information that can not be erased or over written thus maintaining data integrity. AIT WORM tape is essential in order to take complete advantage of the WORM capabilities of AIT-5 backup tape drive. Sony is the only tape media manufacturing company that is offering the WORM feature in mid-range 8mm category. WORM is the most reliable feature of AIT-5 tape that has been incorporated to overcome the solution of unintentional data over writes and accidental file deletions to assure data integrity. Sony SDX5-400C is best choice for long term data storage as it has the capability to secure the backup information for 20 years at an affordable price.

A non volatile Remote-MIC chip has been included in SDX5-400C backup tape by Sony to speed up its tape loading time and enable the data managers to quickly access the stored data. R-MIC has speeded up data access which results in efficient storage operations. Main function of the remote MIC chip is to record the system log information along with other vital data including search-map & user definable data. With the availability of all of this useful information, the operations of the AIT tape drive become more efficient as it can move to any desired location on the media at significantly rapid speeds than other media storage technologies. Faster file access is a compelling attribute of Sony AIT-5 tape.

AIT-5 tape storage format enables WORM protection feature to the stored data ensuring increased data security. Helical scan data recoding process has been employed in the AIT-5 media format which comprises of a highly stable head platform. This recording system of Sony AIT tape has been carefully engineered to allow high track density media recording with increased precision level. Helical scan leads to consistent fast backup speeds and low error rate because the tape media does not need to be repositioned back & forth like the other conventional tape drive usually do. In AIT-5 tape format helical scan, the tape reel moves at a rate of almost one inch per second. Data can be written on to the complete AIT-5 tape media at a rapid speed in 1 complete pass thus saving time and cost. Greater head durability helps to reduce media wear and ensure superior data storage performance.

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