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how to manage your call list on your iphone 3g

These tips will enable you to manage your call lists and to quickly and easily help you to be able to add people your have called or who have called you to your contacts.

Looking at your iPhone 3G screen, press the “Phone” icon and then press the “Recents” button. This will display a list of all the calls you have made, received or any calls that you have missed. Pressing the “Missed” button at the top of the screen can further filter this list. This will display only the missed calls. Simply pressing the number can easily return these calls. To return to the full list simply press the “All” button.

To add one of the numbers in the list displayed, press the “Blue Arrow” to the right hand side of the number. The choices displayed are; “To Return the Call”, “Send a Text Message”, “Create a New Contact” or “Add to an Existing Contact”. Press “Create a New Contact”.

This will display the screen to add this number as a new contact. Press the “Blue Arrow” to the right hand side of first/last name input area and a qwerty keyboard will appear for you to type in your contacts first and last name. Once you have done that return to the create contact screen by pressing “Save” then press “Save” again. Pressing “Recent calls” will be returned you to the call list screen. The contact has now been created and will display in the call list of your iPhone 3G as a name instead of just a number.

Another option you have with the iPhone 3G is to add a number to an existing contact. From the call list screen press the “Blue Arrow” to the right hand side of the number you want to save to an existing contact. Then press “Add to an Existing Contact”. A list of your existing contacts will be displayed. Press the contact that you wish to add the number to. The existing details will be displayed. In the middle, right hand side of the iPhone 3G screen there will be a “Blue Arrow”, press this to display a list of number types, ie home, work, mobile. Select the number type to be used. You will then be returned to the “Add Phone” screen. Now press “Save”. The number has now been added to the contact and will now be display on the call screen will the name instead of the number.

To clear the iPhone 3G call register, press the “Clear” button at the top right hand side of the screen. Your iPhone 3G will display two options. “Clear All Records” or “Cancel”. Press “Clear All Records” to remove the list of calls or press “Cancel” to keep this list intact.

This is the simple way to add and update contacts on your iPhone 3G.

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