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So you have a broken or cracked screen on you iPhone 3G. Well, you have four choices in order of the most to the least expensive options they are either throw it away and go but another one, sell it for parts and go buy another one, pay a service company to repair it, or repair it yourself. If you decide on the least expensive option of repairing it yourself and regardless of what is broken in it, you will need to know how to take it apart. Here is exactly how you go about that.

First, you need to know what part that you need to replace. The iPhone 3G LCD isn glued to the front glass panel. Both the LCD and the front panel are available on the Internet. You will need small suction cups to open the iPhone 3G. Remove the 2 screws and pull the iPhone 3G open with the suction cup. However, don pull too hard because numerous cables still hold the 2 sides in place.

Next, disconnect the display assembly from the remainder of the iPhone 3G. The black ribbon cables are numbered ?? ?? and ?? which makes it easy. But, you need to be careful to not break any of the connectors while you are removing them.

There are 6 screws that keep the front panel from being separated from the display. These screws are very small and it is easy to misplace them forever. Therefore, you should be careful to keep them where you can find them again by using some Scotch tape to tape each set of screws down to a sheet of paper and write down where they came from.

In order to separate the glass from the display, carefully insert a small metal pry tool between the 2 metal rails along the edge of the display assembly. Metal pry tools are incredibly useful, particularly for tight crevices but you need to be careful not to scratch any surface or bridge any electrical connection which could short the iPhone 3g logic board when using one.

Remove the plastic touch screen from the remainder of the front panel by loosening the glue that holds it with heat from a heat gun. But, be careful not to warp the front panel. A hair dryer will work if it provides sufficient heat.

That all there is to taking the iPhone 3G apart. Last replace whatever part is bad and reassemble in reverse order and with any kind of luck your iPhone 3G should work as good as new.


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