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Because of the burgeoning need for information technology it is amazing how many audio or video based programs are available. Of course, the iphone screen is a little small for this kind of program but manufacturers are now producing fifteen to thirty minute training sessions (or shorter) for digital players. When these players break down, there are many websites offering ipod parts for a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to fixing what has gone wrong.

This phenomenon of having ‘on demand’ training is a great innovation in the IT industry and many digital players are now being used in businesses. It has taken some time but companies are now catching on to the idea of learning material being available on these small devices.

Imagine standing in line somewhere and having fifteen minutes to kill. This is great for these kinds of ‘mini’ lessons and scientists have proved that more information is retained if given in small bites. With this in mind, even busy people who have a few minutes to spare can learn while they are waiting in line or picking up the kids from school.

These kinds of learning lessons are great for the security industry and healthcare institutions where long periods are spent just hanging around. Nurses catch up on the latest medical innovations while security personnel bone up on the latest legislation about to hit the statute books. Many companies purchase these machines with the training packages included but individuals are not left out. They, too, are purchasing exactly what interests them.

When it comes to training, most companies justify the purchase of mp3 players and the like by making downloads available for their employees. These can consist of information regarding future projects or business plans, tips and directions on ‘how to’ produce the work required. The employee, on their part, uses the down time of waiting for trains etc to learn what is expected of him in the coming weeks or months. Of course, this means that the employee doesn’t have to be sat at a desk to do this so he will be able to listen and learn without interruption.

Another great innovation is that new books or publications that executives need to peruse are being listened to rather than read. Salient points are made and many hours are saved by just listening to what is absolutely necessary.

One plus for these digital devices is the size. Many people are on the move world wide and will need to carry files or paperwork for meetings and sales drives etc. With these portable media devices, the world is changing and changing fast. Because they can act as a flash disk for storing multi pages of data, the devices are becoming indispensable. Execs have just to arrive, print out the data and away he goes. Who said that technology was a bad thing?

Finally, some clever tie manufacturers, realizing that travelers are always weighed down with too much luggage have made a tie with a media device pocket in back. How clever is that?

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