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After all, you won’t be doing that repairs or issuing a warranty – you’ll just earn money.


You can create a real mess doing precisely what we’re suggesting here. Make a little flyer that outlines your system so you can get your customer’s Apple device mended, and have them sign it. You may end up discovering that the only reliable partner yow will discover is too far away, and so the Apple devices must be sent by mail. Find a shop with a superb mail-in system in place.

What we have for you:
So you have your glistening new iPad, playing HD pinball, Where’s Wally, together with countless other games, and possibly slightly work as well. You place the iPad shared, go to move your notebook, and forget that your iPad is still attached to it, down it goes and now you will be looking at a very costly iPad repair. The good news is that your 1K or so investment (for the iPad 3G version) may occur very fixable.

Types of Hurt – Most iPad repairs are the same as the sister iPhone which is usually damage by user fault my partner and i. e. dropped and mis-handled solutions. This will likely result in the front glass cracking and if you are really unlucky maybe even the LCD to boot. Generally the front glass, which includes the digitiser component, can be replaced not hard by a professional without an excessive amount fuss, most places around Sydney will offer same day iPad repairs for this type of damage. The iPad LCD is additionally another commonly replaced component that could be replaced in about an hour perhaps.

Water Damage – Like all electronic devices the iPad does not enjoy well with water. Most iPads that have had water damage must have their internal connectors seen and cleaned where required, together with usually need the LCD swapped out. It is a strange coincidence but talking with one Sydney iPad repairer, the LCD can be a commonly needed replacement when your iPad has sustained water damage.

Back Case Buckled – The back iPad casing is quite strong however sometimes it is buckled through miss handling which may also spark a broken glass and LCD as mentioned above. Generally a repairer are able to offer two options when needing the back casing un-buckled, they can replace the whole back casing, an expensive exercise, or they can attempt to help bend the casing back. Inside second instance you will usually still watch a slight indent or marking the location where the bend was, but this is a much cheaper option. One iPad repairer mentioned that when they are replacing the front glass and also the back casing isn’t too buckled, they don’t charge anything additional to help bend it back.

iPad Repair Prices – Generally most iPad techs we spoke to offered same day repairs for common front glass and LCD repairs and water damage and mold can take a bit longer depending largely on version of water damage i. e. salt water, fresh water, beer etc. Front Glass Repairs or LCD – $220-$295 with same day company Front Glass & LCD – $300-$420 with same day service Water damage and mold – No parts required around $150, if parts required will depend on extent of damage

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