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The iPhone is indeed a marvel of modern engineering, providing users with a world of functionality that puts it generations ahead of the phones that came before the “smartphone” generation. The iPhone was the true pioneer in the touchscreen smartphone market, and before the iPhone those phones that passed for smartphones were sorely lacking in both features and aesthetic design. One issue that has yet to be resolved by any of the smartphone manufacturers, however, is that of fragile glass touchscreens. The last thing you need is to have to go looking for iPhone 3G screen repair services just to get an iPhone 3G screen replacement for your cracked screen.

Unfortunately, modern technology has not reached the stage yet where touchscreens can be made with more durable materials – glass remains the only viable option. This means that the iPhone touchscreen continues to be vulnerable to cracking and shattering, and you might find yourself with a cracked touchscreen someday, no matter how hard you try to take proper care of your iPhone. If you do find yourself in such an unfortunate position, then there are only a few options open to you.

The first and most expensive option would be to send your iPhone to one of the official Apple workshops. Although Apple provides a warranty to cover malfunctions of your phone, such warranties do not cover damage that you have inflicted and you will have to pay for your iPhone 3G screen repair. The iPhone 3G screen replacement does not cost very much in reality, but brace yourself for the eventual bill if you do choose this option because Apple charges a premium for its parts and labor.

The second option is slightly less expensive, and it involves finding a third party workshop that specializes in iPhone 3G screen repair. Such third party workshops can easily be found online, and you might even have one in your vicinity. These workshops typically charge less than Apple does for the iPhone 3G screen replacement itself, but labor costs remain high, making the overall cost of iPhone 3G screen repair relatively high.

The final option is the best and least expensive option, and it involves simply purchasing an iPhone 3G screen replacement kit from one of the many online stores specializing in replacement parts for the iPhone. Once you have obtained an iPhone 3G screen replacement kit, you need only follow the instructions and you will be able to replace the screen yourself, without the need to send it to any workshop.

This is a viable option even if you do not have any experience with repairing electronic equipment, because it is actually a relatively simple process to replace an iPhone screen. With a little time and effort, you will have a brand new iPhone 3G screen replacement and your screen will be as good as new, all without you having to pay the exorbitant amount for parts and labor that a workshop would have charged for its services.

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