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Sometimes, a picture alone cannot express it all. Comic touch — iPhone application is the photo editing application that allows you to add text bubbles and hilarious distortions to your photographs and create custom comic strips from the available digital photo collection on your iPhone. The possibilities with Comic Touch application are endless.

Comic Touch allows you to edit any photograph or image that you have in your iPhone’s photo library. You can also use Comic Touch with the new snapshots that you click from the iPhone’s built-in camera. There are 5 fun-house distortions that have been borrowed from the operating system OS X’s Photo Booth program: Dent, Bulge, Squeeze, Light or Stretch. You can use any one of these effects on a single image easily. The usage involves dragging one finger from across screen and the effect gets repositioned. For changing the size of a particular effect, expand motion or a two-finger pinch has to be used. In fact, all motions in comic touch iPhone application are accompanied by different kind of sound effects.

In order to add words to an image or a photograph, you need to choose from 4 available balloon styles — thoughts, speech, exclaim and whisper. The trailing end of the balloon can be repositioned by dragging it in the direction of your choice. The balloon size can also be stretched and pivoted according to the need. For editing the text, you just need to double tap on the balloon. The font size and font color can also be chosen according to one wish.

The touch screen interface used by the comic touch iPhone application accounts for its excellent use. After you have created a masterpiece, you can right away e-mail it to somebody just by clicking the Blue Plus signs in order to access the contacts in your address book. Setting up of e-mail templates has also been made easy and you can add subject line, field, body and text before e-mailing it to somebody else.

Comic touch — iPhone application is a lot of fun and an amazing way to add some emotions to the characters of your photographs. Some people may find the price tag to be a bit high but the application is worth it. The application is extremely easy to use and does not require any training. Just get this application and start adding text and emotions to your photographs. In fact, Comic Touch opens a new world of expression for iPhone users.

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