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The U.S. Apple’s best-selling worldwide iPhone

Mobile Also affected by the latest in “an explosion door.” As in Europe during the past month has 3 straight from the iPhone and the iPod blew the incident, the European Commission has been investigating the matter. Apple on the 18th morning, said the EU’s response, blew only isolated cases, there is no widespread problem.

In China, iPhone obsessed many, Apple frequent accidents in Europe, will affect products in China

Sell ? Apple China yesterday blew the incident did not comment on European products. IPhone will be introduced into China Unicom, China sales person then told reporters yesterday that he did not comment, saying it was factory thing, nothing to do with China Unicom.

Apple iPhone, the Chinese version of China’s Ministry of Industry has passed quality testing laboratory Ter. The laboratory, a person admitted to reporters yesterday, censorship does not mean that the future will not be eligible blew the incident took place, mass is no guarantee that each product is not problem.

The EU has begun to investigate

Xinhua reported last month, Apple iPhone and iPod products in Europe, blew the incident occurred from at least three, including two iPhone incidents in France and the United Kingdom an iPod accident. Recent events in France, a girl’s iPhone, a sudden burst, an explosion injured debris thrown into the eyes of her boyfriend of the girl.

EU has, through its non- Food Rapid Alert System for Rapex of consumer goods to inform Member States and requested the relevant Member States to report the situation.

The European Commission responsible for consumer protection affairs spokeswoman Helen? Carnes 18, said at a news conference, the European Commission last week sent a letter to Apple, asking them to explain.

Before the Apple in the U.S. and Australia have similar blew the incident occurred, the many incidents of laptops also blew the incident.

“Blew lithium battery is the culprit”

Past, almost all Electronic Product brands blew the incident occurred. Before the notebook computer lithium battery problem almost all enterprises involved, to cause a loss of computer company.

Home Appliances Giving an expert told reporters yesterday night, blew all mobile phones are the result of lithium battery or charger, the phone will not be an explosion of other parts, “lithium activity is stronger, it is prone to self-destruct. Inferior charger will trigger electronics blew. ”

But LUO Yu told reporters that night, because iPhone battery is built-in, rule out the charger could cause an explosion, so the above should be all these explosions caused by lithium batteries. “Some lithium unreasonable design input is too small, resulting in transient voltage too high or too large transient current may also be used in lithium batteries than conventional 3.6-volt, but the use of unconventional 2.4 V or 4.8 V, E If the use of products of special specifications lithium batteries, lithium batteries must be in the block by row boost or buck circuit, boost or buck circuit when a short circuit, caused by lithium batteries will burst. ”

JiangYa night that electronic products are generally not occur burst, this probability is very low, but since Apple blew a month s

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