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Oh boy, I get to sit in the waiting room for a while!”
“Hey look, let’s get in this line – it’s the longest! Don’t worry, the ice cream won’t melt.”
“I think I’ll take this route. There’s a good traffic jam coming up!”
When was the last time you heard comments like these? Never? Well, they just may be the wave of the very near future. There’s a new thing in town. It’s called the Apple iPhone 3g. And it is ready to turn our everyday routines upside down.
In the past, iPhone games were nothing to get excited about. The best games could be found on the Internet and in the gaming consoles like the Playstation or the Game Cube. Iphone games lagged behind due to slower Internet connections, no flash capabilities, and limited choices to control the game activities.
Then the Apple iPhone 3g showed up. Now you have high speed Internet connection, better control capabilities, and the advantage of third party applications. Suddenly, the gaming world was included. Now, some of the biggest game producers in the world are vying for the chance to be the maker of the next biggest game sensation to hit the planet – with their latest iPhone games!
The latest and greatest iPhone game, scheduled to be released in September 2008, is called Spore. Already it is one of the most anticipated new games. Spore is a creation game. You invent a life form, and develop it from its initial spore into a full blown creature. Soon, you will be able to take it throughout the universe, going where no man has gone before, and conquering other worlds. To help generate excitement about the upcoming game, the producers released a free Creature Creator software. It was an instant hit! Folks all over the world began inventing new creatures and showing their creations throughout the Net.
Another popular iPhone game, Super Monkey Ball, is a maze game where you tilt the world around the character trying to make it through the maze. You don’t control the character; you control the scene around him to see if you can keep him from certain destruction. Other iPhone games that are getting people excited are Enigmo, a 3-D puzzle game, and Crash Bandicot Nitro Kart 3D, a racing game. Even World of Warcraft is jumping on the new iPhone games craze. They have recently released a World of Warcraft application that allows you to check your stats and share your World of Warcraft characters with your friends.
So gaming technology has finally caught up with the iPhone. You’ll discover variety and excitement in the iPhone games. Plus they will get better and even more exciting as the competition for the best iPhone game heats up.
Go ahead and put a few games onto your iPhone, and you, too, can discover how much fun standing in line at the grocery store can be!

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