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disadvantages of mobile phones

The next topic which will be discussed is the disadvantages of mobile phones. The main problems will be looked at in this report.

The initial start up cost of the modern mobile phone is ridiculous. Parents don think twice about handing over a large sum of money to their children to buy a new mobile phone. For example a prepaid Nokia 3410 costs between 169 and 199 in Ireland. Tariffs for prepaid phones are much higher than for postpaid. Sometimes calls cost four times more with prepaid than postpaid phones. Should prepaid customers be penalized because of their choice not to sign a contract, surely not.

The cost of credit for phone is another topic of controversy. Since Vodafone decided to reduce the retailers margin on the profit of sales, they have decided to add on 40cent to the price of call credit to make up for their cut in the profits.

Quite obviously the consumer is once again the victim of all this.

The latest craze in mobile phones is Multimedia Messaging Technology which took to the Irish shelves in the run up to Christmas 2002. This technology allows one to send pictures, sounds and games. The majority of MMS phones have an built-in camera. This allows people to take pictures discreetly without a flash so no-one knows that the photo has been taken. The biggest fear with these types of phones is that they will assist pedophiles in their plight of victimizing innocent children.

For this reason all mobile phones have now been banned in all major sports and health clubs to ensure peoples privacy is respected at all times.

People are getting more conscious every day of the health risks caused by mobile phones.

The radiation which is transmitted from mobile phones destroys brain cells especially in the parts of the brain which facilitate learning, memory, movement etc. The use of mobile phones is thought to cause the premature onset of illnesses such as Alzheimers, brain tumors etc. There is a 30% increase of brain tumors found in regular phone users. In most cases the brain tumor is found on the side of the head where the phone is held.

The UK Chief Medical Officers recommended that if parents want to avoid their children being subject to any possible risk that might be identified in the future, the way to do so is to exercise their choice not to let their children use mobile phones. This opinion would be looked down on by children.

The manufacturers of mobiles have tried to reduce the level of radiation which comes from the phone by using materials which do not conduct the rays. Also a new invention which transmits the energy from the radiation into light is now being used in big numbers especially by younger teenagers.

Safety associated with mobile phones has got a lot of bad press recently especially with people who use their phones while driving. New legislation has banned the use of handheld mobile phones. This news was welcomed by the National Road Safety Authority. People found disobeying this law will be fined and penalty points will be put on their license.

The National Roads Safety Authority through advertising has also highlighted how the usage of mobile phones by pedestrians has caused many road traffic accidents. The use of mobile phones by drivers may result in 2,600 deaths, 330,000 serious injuries, 240,000 minor injuries and 1.5 million instances of property damage in the United States every year.

The above points show the major downfalls of mobile phones. It also raises some questions about modern day society! Are mobile phones the new tobacco, it seems they have many similarities. Although they are both equally damaging to our health they continue to used in large quantities.

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