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When it comes to buying and selling online, many of us may be quite suspicious of the process. With sales and payments coming from complete strangers – not the giant corporations and established retailers we’re used to – it is hard not to feel at least a little uneasy when first approaching the idea.

Nevertheless, it seems that such online trades and transactions like those that take place on eBay and Craigslist are becoming increasingly popular and trusted. You may be surprised to find out how many people have gotten in on the actions, ranging from computer-savvy teenagers to computer-clumsy adults.

And even if you’ve finally become convinced that these online trades are (for the most part) reliable, you may not yet be able to see where you fit in. What is it that you can buy and sell online that will really be worth your while?

A good place to look for the answer to this question: your cell phone. More specifically, your iPhone. iPhones are pretty valuable devices – so valuable, in fact, that many people will go above and beyond to have them repaired instead of replaced. Whereas replacing an iPhone with a new device can cost $500 and up, fixing it can cost just a fraction of that price.

Not sure whether you’ve got anything that’s worth trying to sell online? Check out an iPhone parts list to find out what people are buying. Go onto an iPhone retailer’s website, check out what’s being bought and sold now, and find out what exactly it is that you have. Finding an iPhone parts list isn’t as hard as you would think, and it may help to guide you in terms of the pricing and the demand.

If you’re on the other end of things and looking to fix up a used iPhone instead of replacing the device all together, such an iPhone parts list may be exactly what you need. An iPhone parts list will help you to decide what to do when it comes to repairing your phone – what you need, how much what you need will cost, etc. You can evaluate whether it is best for you to purchase the parts yourself and find someone local to repair your phone. “Official” repairs like those made by Apple can be costly, especially as new parts are often utilized instead of used.

Furthermore, an iPhone parts list will help you to figure out what prices are standard for the things for which you are looking. It will also indicate what is replaceable and what is not and maybe save you a bit of money on having a device worked on that cannot be fixed.

Before tossing out your old iPhone, then, check out an iPhone parts list and get informed. If you can repair your device, your best bet may be to do so with used spare parts. And if the device is beyond repair, you can always salvage what works in it and make back a bit of what you’re about to spend on a brand new iPhone.

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