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The Internet and mobile devices such as the iPhone have greatly changed the way people find new Toyota cars and trucks.

In the old days, people would search the newspaper and auto buyer guides to find the Toyota of their dreams. Today, people use computers, smartphones and even tablet computers to find the right Toyota car or truck.

If you haven used the Internet or a mobile device to find a new car, you may not know where to begin. You could do a Google search, but that might be too broad. For example if you search Toyota Camry in Google, you will get more than 13 million results.

To help you out, wee created a list of some of the top online buying tips to help you find the perfect Toyota car or truck. Here are the tips below.
Search Local ?Remember how we said there are more than 13 million results on Google for Toyota Camry. If you add a location such as Toyota Camry Ohio the search is lowered to half a million results. That still a lot of results, but at least the top searches will be dealerships where you live.

Visit Forums ?In the old days, you would read Consumer Reports and the automotive section of your newspaper to get reviews of the latest Toyota models. With the Internet you can now access Consumer Reports and your newspaper online. However, you can also access online forums specifically dedicated to Toyota vehicles. There, you can interact with other Toyota owners to see what they think of the model youe interested in buying.

Visit Car Review Websites ?Besides going to forums, youl also want to get the opinion of professionals. Take a look at what professional car review websites have to say about the Toyota cars and trucks that youe interested in. Car and Drive and Edmonds are two excellent websites to get expert opinions.

Visit Several Dealership Websites ?Before you visit any dealerships, take some time to visit their websites. Look to see what types of promotions they have going on. Also, take a look at what inventory they have in stock. This will help you to make an informed buying decision.

Use Your Smartphone ?If youe buying a car, youe probably going to be driving around to lots of dealerships. Have a smartphone such as an iPhone or and Android phone on you for reference. These phones can help you find addresses of local dealerships. Here another added benefit: You can price compare. Many dealerships have mobile websites that list their inventory. This will help you price shop as youe driving around looking for cars.

Following these five tips will help you research, decide and purchase a new Toyota car or truck. After you purchase the car, the Internet can also help you take maintain your new vehicle.

There are lots of websites that sell Toyota parts. When searching be sure to find ones that sell Toyota OEM parts. This will help keep your new car or truck on the road longer.

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